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Anatomie: Fashionable Travel Clothes for Female Frequent Travelers

Ready, Jet Set, Go! Frequent flyers have enough to contend with beyond the perils of packing poorly and the possibilities of losing their luggage. For women, this can be of particular concern as the sweat pants they wore on the 15-hour flight won’t do if they are suddenly whisked off to a meeting upon landing or do, somehow, not arrive at their destination with their carefully packed Tory Burch ensemble.

For those stiletto dashers, there is a strong solution to this conundrum. Anatomie, a brand of light weight, flyer-friendly clothing based in Arizona, merges European fashion for women with soft, wrinkle free fabrics that can solve fashion malfunctions with easy portability and confident wearability.

The clothing line is aimed squarely at women travelers.

Business travelers take more than half a billion trips every year on behalf of their companies – two million trips every weekday. U.S. companies spend $424 billion to send travelers out on the road to make sales calls, serve clients, select vendors, and get business done – an industry that represents approximately 3 percent of the U.S. GDP, according to numbers from the Global Business Traveler Association (GBTA). And this cohort is not only getting younger (50 percent or so is 45 years old or younger), it is also skewing female. In fact, nearly half of today’s business travelers are women, and most of those women are significantly younger than the DIY male business traveler.

The products at Anatomie accommodate all aspects of travel – from the fashionable business meeting statement to the items set for cruise travel, safari travel or a heavy day of walking tours. A full suite of vestments can fit squarely in a large purse or carry-on, taking up negligible space and weighing in at one to two pounds. These numbers matter when trying to avoid extra weight fees at airports or boarding a Cessna for a spectacular flight over the veld to a safari camp. Two pair of pants weigh less than a banana.

And, because the lines are focused on not only what women need, but what they want, all Anatomie’s styles manage to smooth curves and come up with a magical “skinnying” effect. Materials are light but stretchy, so a tight fit does not feel tight but still offers the desired appearance that skinny jeans afford.

The Kenya Safari Jacket will pair perfectly with any of the nine pants lines to create a business suit look that is perfect for casual meetings. Large zipper pockets hold pens, pads, devices and gadgets and the rainproof jacket also adds in some warmth. Other slimming jackets, such as the Travel Merika Jacket and the Delany Vest come in handy as mix and match apparel that offer a significant style differences. Dresses and skirts are also a part of the Anatomie portfolio and keep the slimming effect at the center of design.

An entire three-day wardrobe of jacket, three pairs of pants and three blouses or shirts will fit into a mesh zip carrier the size of a hardback novel that will fit into a backpack or tote. The easy-to-wear fabric is moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free and offers 50+ UPF protection. At the same time, unlike other clothing in this genre, the materials here bring a degree of breathability that staves off overheating. That means an Anatomie outfit can be worn on those long plane flights, although it won’t be quite as comfortable as those well-used cotton sweats.

For those who do lose their luggage and may be left to live off their carryon provisions for the duration of their trip, the Anatomie line is easy to wash, easy to dry (less than five minutes with a blow dryer) and easy to wear knowing that wrinkles will not be a problem. Fashion and freedom, however, come at a price. The average online checkout price tag for an outfit is $300. And this clothing line is particularly addictive. The good news … it’s also adaptive and the items can become a core component of any wardrobe, not just the travel gear stored in the on-call suitcase by the door.