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US-Canadian Border to Remain Closed Until at Least Oct. 21

Another 30-day delay comes as Canadians continue to be jittery about US COVID-19 numbers

In a further extension of its border closure with the US, Canada is to remain closed to US travel until Oct. 21. The ban is in place for US citizens across both air and land borders for anything other than essential business.

Prior to this announcement, the Canadian government had set Sept. 21 as a possible opening date, was itself a 30-day extension from a previous August target date.

The situation remains unclear as to how long the ban will actually last. Surveys have shown that the majority of Canadians feel that US travelers should not be allowed to cross the border into Canada for recreation until US COVID-19 numbers are drastically slashed.

Americans traveling to Alaska are allowed to travel through Canada but if they remain, they can be fined. The extension is one of many that have been placed since the initial ban was enacted in March.

In a call to the Canadian Embassy in New York, Business Traveler USA also clarified that Canadian citizens traveling to Canada on rail, bus or air must have passports in hand. Canadians with other documents (citizenship certificates, birth certificates) may cross only at land crossings by car – not via air, rail or bus.