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Thailand Opens World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant

The dining attraction is part of Central Phuket’s aquarium complex

While Phuket, as a top destination in Thailand with its celebrated beach resorts and buzzing tourist scene, gets a lot of international attention, a new attraction is about to raise its position on the tourism map. ANDASI, the world’s largest underwater restaurant and the first underwater bar in Asia, recently opened as a feature of the city’s Aquaria Phuket aquarium.

The submerged restaurant serves stylish fine-dining and provides a unique travel experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. The surrounding aquarium brings 51,000 aquatic animals from over 300 species plus the highlight of a “Mermaid Show.”

Aquaria Phuket is Thailand’s largest and latest aquarium, was inspired by Thailand’s mythology and culture. Aquaria Phuket is divided into several zones: Mystic Forest, taking guests through a land filled with creatures from Thai folklore; River Giants, the world’s largest freshwater planted tank featuring the Mekong Ray and the Mekong Giant Catfish; River Caves, residing playful otters; Coastal Haven, meeting the quirky and adorable penguins up close; Station Aquarius, having an interactive and educational encounter with the inhabitants; Trick Eye Museum, the world’s first Augmented Reality art museum featuring the latest AR technology to produce realistic art and incredible panoramas.

Central Phuket is also a popular shopping district with plenty of globally branded luxury goods available at prices well below other destinations given the favorable baht to dollar values.