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Dubai Prepares to Open Expo 2020 in October 2021

The futuristic expo promises to dazzle visitors already awed by Dubai’s other-worldly urban design

As travel grinds forward with barely more than a wing and a prayer, Dubai, as ever, is betting on a winner again this year – the prospect of bringing millions of visitors to the Emirate on the Arabian Gulf for what was to be EXPO 2020 that is now aiming for October 1. 2021 through March 31, 2022.

Dubai is creating specially curated itineraries for EXPO 2020, the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA), that help focus visits through the vast and future forward layout of regionally-themed exhibits with circuits based on their interests.

Available in a half-day, full-day or three-day formats through the Expo 2020 Mobile App, the special-interest itineraries are curated around a variety of passion points appealing to families, couples, students, business travelers, entrepreneurs, tech gurus, foodies, culture enthusiasts and more.

Each journey is designed to enable visitors to discover the game-changing innovations, world-class entertainment and once-in-a-lifetime experiences geared towards their interests:

Expo Essentials Journey will put the world in one place with such innovations such as the world’s largest radio satellite capable of detecting signals from alien life and a 4D “bioprinter” that can reproduce live cells. Then, there will a fusion music, choirs and orchestral performances, and obscure cuisines from far countries.

Expo for Families Journey offers fun, educational experiences for all ages, from a Beethoven-inspired robo-band to an encounter with a giant sharp-toothed fish.

Expo Health and Wellness Journey takes time out to explore human wellbeing. Visitors can ride a bike or attend a yoga class in Jubilee Park, dine on the latest superfoods and discover life-changing healthcare innovations.

Expo Mobility Journey, showcases next-gen innovations moving data, people and goods across the world, from how AI is changing the way we live, learn and play, to the future of air travel.

Expo Energy Journey will allow visitors to discover vertical farms and stroll through net-zero energy pavilions.

Expo for Couples Journey appeals to those who want to discover the site’s most romantic offerings, including the magical Al Wasl Plaza, which will feature spectacular night-time light shows on its 360-degree projection surface.

Expo for Architecture and Design Journey will take visitors through some of Expo’s architectural marvels – from the falcon-shaped UAE Pavilion to self-sustaining buildings and pavilions that merge nature and architecture.

Expo for Foodies Journey allows guests to taste the future of food, discover a star chef, or sample a new cuisine while taking in a show.

Expo Business and Entrepreneurship Journey explores how change-makers from around the world strategize to create a lasting impact.

Expo Tech and Innovators Journey will take guests to explore artificial intelligence, space and augmented reality – with a break for lunch with robots.

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