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Rogers Design Group Makes South Florida Houses Feel Like Home

The agency brings its clients' unique design needs to life, for new arrivals and longtime residents alike

Lorraine Rogers-Bolton, president of Rogers Design Group / Photo: Courtesy of Rogers Design Group

If the last three years have made anything clear, it’s that plenty of people want to live in Florida. The state has experienced a massive population spike since 2020, and while there were some signs of slowing in two of three South Florida counties this year—due in part to a sharp rise in the cost of living—the boom continues in northernmost Palm Beach County.

For new arrivals and longtime residents alike, Palm Beach Gardens-based Rogers Design Group offers interior design and consultation intended to make their houses feel like home.

“Our clients are so thrilled to have a residence in Florida for several reasons,” says Lorraine Rogers-Bolton, president of Rogers Design Group. “Many couples have waited to retire. Others build second homes to enjoy for getaways, or primary homes while their families are young. There’s also the weather, lifestyle, golf, and availability to be involved in many water-related activities.”

Indeed, the state’s beautiful weather, and the possibility of owning property within a short distance to white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, are big draws for the agency’s clients.

“The weather is gorgeous all year, so our exterior loggias and patios are designed with as much care and detail as our interior living rooms,” says Rogers-Bolton.

Rogers Design Group’s 10-person design team considers every detail of a home construction or renovation, with most clients aiming for a modern, upscale look for their homes.

The firm’s process is quite detailed, involving meeting with clients and conducting in-depth interviews on their preferences and needs before executing the project.

“Every room is unique and individually considered, and designed with our clients’ goals in mind,” says Rogers-Bolton. “The better we understand the client, the better they relate to the result we’ve created for them.”

The firm, which conducts work throughout Palm Beach County, also analyzes and improves blueprints and consults on all materials. The team custom designs built-in and feature walls; furnishings from rugs to window and wall treatments; and provides selections of art, sculptures, and accessories to clients.

“We take our tagline ‘We Make It Yours’ very seriously,” adds Rogers-Bolton. “No two projects are alike.”

Prospective clients interested in designing a home in the Palm Beach area can get in touch by calling +1-561-799-2545 or by emailing The firm’s portfolio can be viewed at