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Club Champion’s Fitting Tech Can Perfect Your Golf Swing

The fitting studios employ an array of technologies that promise to maximize skills on the course

by Lark Gould

March 19, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Club Champion

Club Champion, a global leader in custom golf club fitting, is revolutionizing the fitting experience. No longer reliant on the intuitive yesteryear approach by professional fitters, Club Champion now employs an array of technologies and processes to deliver truly personalized golf club fittings that promise to maximize skill on the course.

Photo: Courtesy of Club Champion

At any of Club Champion’s 125 fitting studio locations, golfers can test their mettle through radar-based TrackMan launch monitors, ultrasound putting systems, and strategically placed computers. Widely used by the PGA Tour to showcase professional golfers’ ball flights and hitting statistics, TrackMan delivers precise measurements for both club and ball movements. Parameters, such as club path, face angle, swing direction, spin loft, launch angle, spin rate, and curvature, are meticulously traced with stunning accuracy. This Dual Radar Technology represents a significant milestone in the evolution of custom fitting—calculating more than 65,000 different club combinations in real time.

Photo: Courtesy of Club Champion

Master club fitter and founder of Club Champion, Nick Sherburne, emphasizes that Club Champion exhausts every available tool to achieve optimal results.

“We’re the best at what we do because we exhaust every tool available in the club fitting world,” he adds. “You can’t get our proven results without being a bit of a golf geek, and our fitting technology takes us to that next level.”

Commitment to precision extends to club construction. Each studio houses perfectly calibrated digital machines for loft, lie, and swing weight measurements, ensuring consistency with the build shop so that the tests during the fitting process create the exact club the golfer will purchase.

Photo: Courtesy of Club Champion

The attention to detail offered at Club Champion takes the quest for perfection all the way down to the correction of manufacturing flaws. Irregularities can cause problems when the shaft twists and bends during a swing, but a process called SST PUREing addresses this. The “neutral” plane of each shaft—the PUREd position—can be located through this proprietary process. The result? Off-line twisting and bending during the swing and at impact are greatly minimized. Club Champion then produces a handy printout for each shaft highlighting structural and performance breakdowns.

While no one’s game is perfect, there are always opportunities for perfecting. Club Champion technology fits golfers into clubs that provide the best edge for gaining distance, speed, accuracy and more. It’s the golf game of the future for those who prefer not to wait.