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Top Tips For Traveling To Canada For Business

Got a business trip to Canada lined up?

This is an exciting opportunity as The Great White North is a fantastic country with a huge amount to see and do and something for everyone. You will, of course, be mainly focused on conducting business and working, but for times that you have to yourself you will want to get out and explore this great land.So, how can you make the most out ofa business trip to Canada? Read on for a few tips which will help your visit be a complete success and a valuable experience.

Entering Canada

First, you need to understand the rules of entering Canada as a business visitor from the States. Most people will be able to entersimply with your passport, but if you are considered a business visitor by the Canadian government,you may need to provide evidence that your mainsource of income and company is locatedoutside of Canada. You may also need to prove that you plan on staying less than six months, that you don’t plan on entering the Canadian labor market and that you meet their basicentry requirements.


There are a few practicalities to be aware ofonce you enter Canada. First, you can use a U.S driving license but the speed limits are metric which means that it will be km per hour as opposed to miles. Additionally, distracted driving laws are in effect all over Canada so you must use a hands-free kit if using a cell-phone. In terms of currency, many of the larger cities and places near the border will accept US dollars but smaller places will deal in Canadian currency so research what is accepted in your destination. Another issue to be aware of is thatfederal sales tax is added to the sale of all goods and services, plus most provinces have their own tax to add on.

Plan Your Stay

Much like any trip, it is importantthat you carefully plan your stay so that everything goes according to plan. Thiswill include the duration of the trip, travel, accommodation, meetings, free-time, etc. It is ok if plans are changedas you go, but having an idea of what needs to be accomplishedshould ensure for a successful trip.

Prioritize Work

Business travel can be a great way to explore new areas andCanada is a fantastic place to discover no matter where you are, but it is importantthat you prioritize the work so make sure that you handle this side of the trip before making any big plans to explore.


Canada has very similar etiquette to the United States, soyou do not have to worry about this too much. A simple handshake will suffice when meeting people or if you are meeting with somebody who is French Canadian then you can expect a double cheek kiss. Generally speaking, Canadians are friendly and warm people so you should not have difficulty making conversation, but try to avoid politics or religion as this is not a topic for the workplace.

Take Clients Out To Lunch

If you are meeting with a client, it is a nice gesture to offer to take them out to lunch (or they may offerto take you out). Thisis a greatopportunity to experience culture in the local area, but be sure to ask for a recommendation as they will know the best places to eat. You can also use this opportunity to ask for recommendationsfor places to visit during your stay in order toget the most out of your experience.

Hotel Selection

One of the most important aspects is choosinga suitable hotel. You should always select a highly rated hotel that is nearby to where you will be conducting business so that you do not have the added stress of travel. Additionally, it can be helpful if it is located close to the major attractions in the area. If you are in Ontario, for example, the top rated Niagara Falls hotels will allow you to easily get out and see the waterfalls during your trip whilst staying close to the business center.

Canada is a fantastic place for a business trip andhopefullyyou will get the opportunity to spend some time exploring. It is importantto prioritize the work as this is the purpose for the visit, but take any opportunitythat you can to exploreand speak to the locals or those that you are meeting with to find the best places to visit.