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New York Shuts Down 24-hour Bus and Subway Service

Governor Cuomo announced a historic shuttering of New York City's 24-hour subway and bus service from May 2 for cleaning and disinfection

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a historic shuttering of New York City’s 24-hour bus and subway service effective on May 2 and ongoing during the Covid-19 crisis. The bus and subway service will now be closed from 1-5 am every morning for cleaning and disinfecting.

New York City’s subway and bus system has historically been a 24-hour service with some buses and trains on limited service, giving New York it’s famous nickname, “the City that never sleeps.”

Cuomo called for the closure in response to news that New York’s subway system has seen a boost in crime although ridership is down more than 90%. Numerous images have also surfaced in The New York Daily News and other publications of homeless encampments in subway cars and on platforms making the system unsafe for health care workers and other first responders who use it during New York’s shut-down orders.

Flights that are still coming in and out of JFK and LaGuardia connect with the AirTrain which connects with the subways and bus service.  Travelers on early morning connections will have to plan for Ubers or car services as there will be minimal links available for essential workers to move through the system at those hours.

As Business Traveler USA has reported, the traditional bus services and shuttles to both JFK and LaGuardia are currently not running making either an AirTrain service with an MTA link (from 1 am to 5 am) or an Uber, Lyft, private car service or yellow taxi the only way to and from La Guardia and JFK.