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How to Get to JFK, LaGuardia, Newark During Coronavirus Shut-Downs

JFK, LaGuardia and Newark remain open although mass transit, subways and ride services are limited

April 14, 2020

While NYC remains shuttered, its area airports, JFK and LaGuardia in Queens and Newark in New Jersey remain open to limited air traffic.

Travelers seeking quick access from Manhattan to these three airports will find getting to the airport as challenging as getting through it during the city’s Covid-19 pause.

Uber and Lyft are still operational in NYC but not for shared rides. The services’ driver base has been limited by Covid-19-related illness and drivers’ concern for their personal safety.

The NYC Express Bus Service from Manhattan to all three airports has been suspended. AirLink NYC shuttle buses are also cancelled and only running individual booked rides.

Meanwhile the most popular way to get to the airport, the subway and the AirTrain remains operational, although on a reduced schedule.

Subway trains are running on a limited basis with 30-minute waits for trains even at former peak times. The Port Authority of NY and New Jersey told Business Traveler USA that the Air Train service was running with reduced speeds. You may wait up to 15 minutes for a train between or from any of the terminals served.  The La Guardia Link Q70 SBS bus is, as the rest of the MTA service, reduced in service and wait times can be as long or longer than 30 minutes. A yellow medallion cab ride is possible if you can find a driver. Yellow cabs have been waiting at the airport for rides for over six hours and consequently many drivers have stopped looking for fares.