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Private Jet Use Skyrocketing

Wealthier travelers circumvent the chaos as communities and countries grapple with Coronavirus policy changes

March 17, 2020

Given these uncertain times when airlines can cancel entire route systems on a dime and policy makers are changing directives hour by hour, it is no wonder that private aviation is booming.

Even at $4000 an hour the phones are ringing off the hook at such companies as Blade, FlyBlack and NetJets for rides that can easily rise to $30,000 for a domestic roundtrip excursion.

“We’ve seen a noticeable spike in demand as the impacts of the coronavirus grow,” said Sami Belbase, Co-Founder & CEO, of private jet charter provider FlyBLACK. “It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen, and we’re working hard to accommodate the needs of travelers, many who are new to the charter jet market.”

There may be a pandemic afoot but many people still have to get where they need to go. While these smaller companies must adhere to the same directives and border shut-downs affecting commercial air travel, those who can afford it can get out of one country and into another with the speed such doings require these days rather than getting stuck on long lines of people trying to get home or playing the lottery with airlines that are cancelling flights and routes faster than a wind-backed fire.

FlyBLACK’s technology allows customers to fly on-demand deploying a charter fleet of more than 3,000 aircraft worldwide. Or they can offer clients verified empty legs. While the spread of the coronavirus has no foreseeable end in sight as the numbers of those affected each day increase, Belbase believes more and more clients will be turning to providers like FlyBLACK to provide minimal disruption to their lives.

Paramount Business Jets echoed these remarks to CNN. “We are seeing anywhere from 100% to 300% increases in charter requests depending on the region worldwide,” said CEO Richard Zaher. “The requests are coming from private jet clients, government officials, entertainers and sports teams, corporate executives as well as people who normally would not fly private.”

BLADE, a short-distance aviation solution, is now providing charter availability for long-range jets at operating cost to anyone in need of transportation from an international location back to the United States. The announcement was made this week as a gesture to help those struggling to get back to the U.S. and who may be in need of some creative problem solving.

As a virtual airline based in New York City it now offers air taxi services in the New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas and contracts with various operators to fly to a number of scheduled destinations. It also runs an app that allows users to book a seat when they want, as well as arrange charter flights.

For those who want to step away from emergency mode and consider their options,

Private Jet Card Comparisons provides an in-depth analysis of the current private aviation products and services available to help subscriber clients find the best jet card membership programs – a service that can come in handy for further emergency planning purposes.

“Waiting until the last minute to find a private aviation solution for emergency situations can mean price spikes, and even the possibility of not being able to secure a private aircraft,” said Doug Gollan, the editor and founder of Private Jet Card Comparisons. “However, there are programs that offer benefits, such as fixed rates and guaranteed availability, so that you can buy the membership now, lock in pricing and then fly as you need to, in some cases with less than 12 hours’ notice.”

In addition to unrestricted access to all regular Private Jet Card Comparisons content, reports and information, subscribers also receive an analysis of ideal emergency-use jet card options and step-by-step instructions on how to identify the right programs based on their personal needs and specific criteria. For example, subscribers can search for options based on private jet card providers’ ability to transport pets and unaccompanied minors, or the seating capacity of available aircraft.

“By following our guide, subscribers can identify the programs that are right for their needs in this situation,” said Gollan. “Should Coronavirus concerns grow, programs offer a way to continue business or vacation plans without having employees or family members exposed to places with lots of people, like commercial airline terminals and airplanes.”