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Delta Begins Back Boarding as Passengers Don Masks

Delta invests in temporary new boarding procedures designed to lessen the risk of infection

April 12, 2020

Delta Airlines, which recently announced it was temporarily doing away with middle seats, is further adjusting the inflight experience to contend with the Covid-19 epidemic.

On Friday, April 10, the airline announced it would be boarding aircraft from the back to the front to “support social distancing” and to “reduce the instances of customers needing to pass by one another to reach their seat.”

Passengers will be asked to maintain social distancing by waiting for their rows to be called although travelers seated in Delta One or First Class, as well as Diamond Medallion Members, remain able to board at any point during the boarding process.

These measures will be in place until May 31 and may be adjusted or extended as the pandemic and its ripple effects continue. The airline is also providing attendants with face masks and is encouraging the flying public to wear them.

Meanwhile, the TSAhas relaxed existing rules to allow passengers to move through security checkpoints with facemasks intact. It is currently allowing passengers to take 12 ounces of hand sanitizers with them in transit.

These procedures are based on a 6-ft.  distance between travelers.

That may change. New reports have been cited from the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal that state the virus may be able to travel up to 13 feet. The same report based on research done in Wuhan, China, the origin of the outbreak, state that the coronavirus is also carried heavily on the soles of people’s shoes.  

The takeaway: if you are flying today or in the coming weeks, put as much space as you can between you and your fellow passengers and bring your own mask. Take off shoes and sanitize them when you reach your final destination.