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Wheels Up Launches Private Air Solution for Corporate Travel Needs

"UP for Business" focuses on customized offerings for companies of any size

June 15, 2021

Wheels Up, a known brand in private aviation, debuted its “UP for Business” program — a new customizable solution that aims to meet the travel needs of corporate clients head on.

The “UP For Business” concept is structured and scaled to deliver on corporate private flight needs that can range from aircraft charter to aircraft management to aircraft ownership solutions. Corporate clients will also have the ability to utilize flexible spending with Wheels Up prefunded amounts to book either private jet travel on Wheels Up or commercial travel on Wheels Up’s partner, Delta Air Lines. The program is rooted in Wheels Up’s standards of safety, service, and reliability while also being structured to the very specific needs of corporate travel.

“UP for Business” includes the following services that solve the particular needs of each client:  

  • Access to one of the largest fleets in private aviation, as well as commercial air travel with Delta, all in one convenient account 
  • Dedicated account managers and a dedicated Key Account Desk to fully evaluate and understand the needs of the client and produce tailored solutions which optimize spend and efficiency 
  • A turn-key solution for acquiring aircraft, upgrading aircraft, or divesting of a fleet 
  • Designing programs for companies that own one or more aircraft to lower the cost of ownership and to provide hands-on maintenance management

“As corporate travel demand continues to grow, UP For Business is an ideal solution for companies of any size including C-suite and corporate travelers,” said Wheels Up Chief Sales Officer Ken Napolitano. “The travel needs of each company are unique and different. We recognize our job is to be a partner in the process so that our talented sales team, who have decades worth of combined experience, can help optimize a private aviation solution to meet the financial goals and travel needs of every business client we serve.” 

Wheels Up, as a demand generator in private aviation, offers a total private aviation solution that includes world-class safety, service, and flexibility through on-demand flights, membership programs, corporate solutions, aircraft management, whole aircraft sales, and commercial travel benefits through a strategic partnership with Delta Air Lines.

The Wheels Up App allows for searching, booking, and flying conveniences. Connect, Core, and Business memberships provide enhancements such as flight sharing, empty-leg Hot Flights, Shuttle Flights, Shared Flights, signature Wheels Down events, and exclusive member benefits from preeminent lifestyle brands.