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Delta Rolls Out Antimicrobial Lighting for Airplane Lavatories

First Vyv antimicrobial LED (non-UV) lighting will be installed on the airline’s 757-200 fleet

November 6, 2020

Delta Air Lines is installing new antimicrobial LED lighting in its airplane lavatories to enhance cleanliness. The Vyv LED lighting reduces the growth of bacteria within the lavatory.

Vyv (pronounced “vive”) an timicrobial is a visible spectrum LED light (non-UV) that provides high-quality illumination that is deadly to bacteria, while being ideal for continuous use around people and animals.

The fixtures will be installed above lavatory sinks and countertops which are high-touch areas on the aircraft. Installation is set to begin in mid-November aboard the 757-200 fleet, and should be complete in early 2021, according to the airline. Messaging placards in outfitted lavatories will alert passengers.

After installation on this initial fleet, Delta plans to conduct further tests in 2021 with the expectation of expanding installation to more planes in the future.

It’s part of what the airline says is an on-going layered approach to fight the novel coronavirus and other possible infections called Delta CareStandard. These antimicrobial LED lights, when combined with electrostatic spraying and frequent cleaning, help to improve cleanliness and eliminate germs in lavatories.

In-flight crews also use kits that include disinfectant spray, wipes and gloves to ensure the thorough sanitization completed before boarding stays fresh throughout the flight.

“Our partnership with Vyv shows how we are adapting the vision we showcased at CES to double-down on our commitment to customer health and safety. This technology will provide another of the many layers we’ve put in place that, when working together, keep customers safe,” said Bill Lentsch, Delta’s chief customer experience officer.

“It’s a credit to Delta that our companies were working in close partnership long before the pandemic to improve Delta customers’ overall experience,” said Colleen Costello, co-founder and CEO of Vyv. “Installing our advanced antimicrobial lights above the lavatory counters creates an ideal setting for continuously ensuring a cleaner environment for passengers and staff.”