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Capital One Vies for Branding in the Airport Lounge Business

April 25, 2021

Move over AmEx. Cut to the escape scene, Chase. There’s a new lounge at the airport and this one’s banking on Capital One. Last month Capital One announced it would be taking on partners to offer a new benefits card called Capital One Travel giving cardholders new ways to book travel and go.

The credit card company noted in a press release that flying is great but flying can also be stressful. So, a new Capital One airport lounge just might help card holders alleviate some of that stress and also reap the benefits of special pricing and travel rewards.

“Think of Capital One Lounges as an oasis of calm where you can work, work out, recharge and a whole lot more,” the message said. “We are committed to offering customers best in class travel cards that provide incredible value and flexibility, and that continue to become more rewarding.” The first Lounge that’s part of this growing network will open at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport later this summer. The 10,000 square-foot lounge will be located in Terminal D. Another will follow in 2022 at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. That lounge is expected to encompass a 9,100-square-foot space and is to be located after the TSA security area, according to a report from the Washington Business Journal.

The setting will be modern, light and airy—and full of amenities, as Capital One described:

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Want to research a project? Listen to a podcast? Book a dinner table in your destination city? With high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the Lounge, you can use your downtime to handle the business of work and life.

Grab-and-Go Food 

Need to eat on the run? The grab-and-go food area offers a menu of healthy selections curated by up-and-coming local chefs. And they’re sustainably prepackaged so they’re easy to carry on your way to the next gate. So help yourself to cold-brew coffee, still or sparkling water, sandwiches, salads, fruit, snacks and more. 

Dining Stations

Local chef-inspired foods will be available with options for everyone, including vegetarians, vegans or those eating gluten-free.

Fully Stocked Bars

Make time for a break in the Lounge’s bar, if you can. Have the bartender pour you a craft beer. Sip a glass of local wine or a enjoy a signature cocktail on tap.

Coffee Bars

A full day of travel and connections may require caffeine, whether Coffee or cappuccino, hot or cold. Find fresh-brewed coffee, cold brew on tap and a full-service espresso bar.

Quiet Work Zones With Charge-Up Areas

The Lounge offers semi-private work areas with outlets at every seat to power up devices. Plus there are monitors around the room with up-to-date flight status information so flyers can focus on work, and stay on schedule. 

Relaxation Rooms

Airplanes aren’t always the easiest places to nap, so a cozy, soundproof relaxation room is stocked with blankets, eye covers and earplugs.

Luggage Lockers

The Lounge offers peace of mind with secure lockers that have plenty of room for carry-on luggage.

Cycling and Yoga

To work off some energy or stretch out so much sitting, the Lounge’s cycling and yoga room offers a solution. It’s equipped with exercise bikes for a cardio burst and yoga mats for a slightly more Zen workout.

Shower Suites

The Lounge has private shower suites for freshening up before the next flight. They provide complimentary towels and luxury toiletries so there’s no need to dig through carry-on.

Family-Friendly Environment

Travel can make for long days, so the Lounge provides amenities designed for the needs of guests travelling with or without children. The family area includes lower tables and chairs for kids and a dedicated, power-charged work area for adults.

Parents Rooms

The Lounge also has private nursing rooms equipped with lounge chairs and footrests, bottle warmers and minifridges with beverages. There is also extra counter space for diaper changes “Occupied” and “Unoccupied” signs on every door keep activities private and secure.

Multi-Faith Rooms 

A soundproof room for prayer, meditation or quiet reflection makes a welcome space for those who want some sacred time away and apart. Details on how to gain access to these lounges, and what credit card types and memberships will be required, are yet to come.