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American Airlines’ Chairman Says Jobs Cuts Are Looming

Without a COVID-19 relief package, CEO Doug Parker warns “hundreds of thousands” in aviation will out of work

September 20, 2020

American Airlines chairman and CEO Doug Parker told Sheinelle Jones on NBC News’ 3rd Hour of TODAY on Friday, Sept. 18 that across the airline industry “hundreds of thousands of people are going to be out of work on October 1st” if a COVID-19 relief package does not pass.


“It means that as the economy recovers,” Parker warned, “we won’t be able to do what the provision is designed to do which is keep the infrastructure in place to help the economy rebound, to keep airlines flying. Our people are out there right now taking care of keeping our country moving. They’re out there putting their uniforms on, going to work every day making sure that our country continues to move. They’re the last people that should be impacted by this. It’s simply not fair.”


Parker called on lawmakers in Washington to “come together and get it done,” telling Jones, “We’re asking them to do their jobs. We’re asking them to get a COVID-relief package done. We just need people to do what’s right. I know we’re better than this and our people deserve better.”


COVID-19 relief efforts are currently stalled in Congress as Democrats and Republicans battle over the amount and scope of the package.