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Air Travel Ticking Up – into and around the U.S.

Couples are trumping solos and families when it comes to making travel plans

The world may be in varying stages of lock down with a patchwork of restrictions to entry as we slowly climb out of this pandemic. However, CheapOair’s data points show that travel to the US is flourishing and summer travel within the US is heating up.

Overall, the indicators for incoming international visitors are very positive. CheapOair’s data shows a global increase of 64% when comparing March activity to that of January 2021.

“The figures are really good news. We all know that covid caused a precipitous drop in the number of international travelers booking flights to the United States last year. We believe there is a correlation between the great work being done in this country to get vaccines administered and the uptick in interest in travel to the US,” commented Glenn Cusano, Co-CEO and CFO of Fareportal, the parent company of CheapOair and One Travel. “Tourism means more than airline tickets. Restaurants, hotels, tours and attractions and retail sales in general benefit from the presence of our international visitors. The latest CDC vaccination information shows that 32.6% of Americans have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. As those percentages increase, we expect to see further growth in international visitors to the USA.”

% Increase
Country Origin to USA Flight Tickets Purchased Jan to March
Israel 154.00%
Bahamas 119.00%
India 87.00%
Mexico 74.00%
Germany 69.00%
Italy 44.00%
Costa Rica 43.00%
France 42.00%
Colombia 31.00%
Great Britain 27.00%

Meanwhile, the discount airline ticket site notes that Americans are ready to travel, and actively booking their Summer 2021 getaways.

• Honolulu and Las Vegas remain top destinations for couples, with traveling twosomes representing 70% and 82% respectively of bookings to those locales.

• Solo travelers have increased from 15% in January to a noteworthy 25% in March.

• Similarly, family travel is on the upswing, rising from 9% of total in January to 15% of bookings in March.

Top Vacation Destinations/Traveler Profiles
% Couple % Solo % Family
Miami 55 30 13
Las Vegas 82 10 7
Cancun 63 15 9
Honolulu 70 15 13
San Juan, PR 48 31 21
Los Angeles 63 28 9
Tampa 43 34 22
Punta Cana, DR 63 13 24
Ft Lauderdale 56 23 20
Orlando 50 13 35