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A Visit to the Exclusive Hawaiian Airlines Apartment 1929 Lounge

The airline's new premium airport service provides access to an exclusive, private lounge that's one of HNL's best-kept secrets

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

If you are departing from Terminal 1 of Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), you might have limited lounge options. The only available lounges are the Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge or the Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club. Passengers who don’t have status through airlines that partner with Hawaiian Airlines previously had no other options.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

However, in February of this year, the Hawaii-based airline launched a new premium airport service that provides access to an exclusive, private lounge known as Apartment 1929. This hidden lounge is one of the airport’s best-kept secrets.


The lounge is situated behind a nondescript door that resembles a speakeasy entrance. It is located close to the Plumeria Lounge, but no signs or indications suggest a lounge is concealed behind the door, which only adds to the experience.

To gain access to Apartment 1929, you must be escorted by the premium airport service team.

Access Options

Hawaiian Airlines offers a VIP airport service for those departing, arriving, or transiting through the airport. This service includes lounge access, private escorts, priority baggage handling, and the opportunity to board the aircraft first.

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

The best part is that this service is available to all passengers, regardless of their class of travel on Hawaiian Airlines. Prices for this service start at $500 for a couple, although exact prices are unknown.

The Lounge

Named after the year the airline was founded, the lounge is decorated with neutral furnishings from Noho Home. All the decor feels distinctly Hawaiian, thanks to intricate patterns. There is also vintage Hawaiian Airlines memorabilia throughout the space.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

From the moment I walked into the lounge, I felt more like I was in someone’s apartment than an airport lounge. The entire space felt extremely homey and featured ample seating areas, accommodating up to 24 people—although the airline tries to keep the space relatively private for passengers.

Brown leather couches, gray suede chairs, and red velvet chairs are spaced throughout the space.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

The lounge features a spacious outdoor area with a huge green space to relax before your flight. One of the most impressive things about the lounge is its noise control. Despite being in a bustling terminal, I could not hear any external noise inside.

Food and Beverage

A few days before your scheduled lounge visit, a premium service representative will send you a text with menu options. All food is pre-ordered before you arrive at the airport.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

The menu options depend on the time of day you visit. For instance, for an early morning visit, you might have options like a zucchini ricotta frittata, purple sweet potato pancakes, or Greek yogurt with local fruit and granola. For lunch or dinner, the possibilities could include a grilled chicken goat cheese salad, grilled Hawaiian teriyaki chicken breast, a filet of steak in a red wine sauce, or grilled portobello mushrooms.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

Food begins with appetizer service, and then the main course follows. All dietary restrictions are accommodated. I ordered a cocktail called the Melemele Tonic to partner with the meal. There were also options for beer, wine, and coffee. Drinks are curated in partnership with Bar Leather Apron, one of the best bars in North America.


Upon entering, you will immediately notice a spacious shower suite equipped with all the necessary amenities, including shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

The lounge also features private bathrooms, just like any other. Although reserving the shower facility in the future may be necessary, the airline strives to keep the lounge limited to one or two groups at a time to ensure maximum comfort.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

Additionally, the lounge boasts a stunning outdoor space perfect for relaxation. The area is adorned with plenty of seating options and a large, sunny, grassy area. The entire space is lined with lush green plants, with beige sofas and chairs for guests.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Dube

This is a unique feature that sets this lounge apart from others. It’s an excellent place to unwind before taking a 5-hour flight to San Francisco.


Apartment 1929 is the finest lounge available at Honolulu Terminal 1. Their premium services ensure that your entire airport experience is hassle-free, and the privacy provided by the lounge takes away the stress of flying. Moreover, the lounge’s incredible green space is worth a visit in itself.