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Take a Look Inside Mario Cantone’s Passport

“It’s all about the food. You have to drag me to go sightseeing.”

by Eden Herbstman

May 30, 2023

Mario Cantone / Photo: Jerod Harris Getty Images fpr TCM

To travel is to dine for actor and comedian Mario Cantone. He’s explored Italy (Rome is his choice city) and isn’t a cruise guy but crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2: “We were in white tuxes every night—such a throwback!” He also befriends famous chefs from coast to coast. His character Anthony Marentino returns on And Just Like That… this month. “I love he’s a baker now. Anthony’s grown and evolved; he takes his business seriously. I have a great storyline in the last five episodes.” Here, his prized places.

Mario Cantone with Charlie Palmer / Photo: Courtesy of Damion Hamilton

Healdsburg, California

“Charlie Palmer is one of my best friends. I do his benefit event Pigs & Pinot every year. I hosted the Tournament of the Pig where chefs fly in and have a cook-off—it’s a hot ticket. The chefs compete while I talk for two hours and try to be funny and entertaining at 10 a.m. I love Northern California; Alexander Valley is where I like to stay. It’s just heaven, especially when it’s green after all the rain. If I didn’t live in New York I would live in Northern California.”

Relais Santa Anastasia / Photo: Courtesy of Relais Santa Anastasia

Sicily, Italy

“It’s where my people are from. I stayed in Castelbuono, which is a lovely town, at the Relais Santa Anastasia—it’s a converted convent. I wasn’t happy with the hotel I was at and a driver said to check this one out; he drove my husband and me there. Drivers can change your life when you’re traveling! The hotel has a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking Castelbuono. There was hardly anyone staying there—it was like The Shining a little bit—but it was great.”

Horseback riding at Ballyfin Manor / Photo: Courtesy of Macantone


“I was blown away by Dublin. I looked at my husband and asked why hadn’t we been there before? It’s a great city, fun and lively but down-to-earth. I stayed at The Westbury and the service was amazing. We saw some concerts, including Diana Ross, and ate at really cool restaurants friends recommended. Then we drove to the country to Ballyfin—it’s a huge manor. I went horseback riding and was like, Who the hell am I? It was like everything you see in movies—just beautiful.”

Herbsaint in New Orleans / Photo: Courtesy of Herbsaint/Chris Granger

New Orleans

“I’ve been going since 1983—it’s one of my go-to places and I’ll be back in the fall. I stay at The Windsor Court, which I love. Most of my spots there are restaurants, because it’s all about the food: Gianna, Bayona, Mandina’s, Herbsaint, Pêche. I love to eat there. You can’t get food up here like that down there. Although I did perfect my gumbo this year.”