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When Woo-Woo and Wellness Work

Recommendations for retreats and treatments that add some mystical punch to the wellness experience

Woo-woo and wellness. The words mix in an odd sort of way, kind of like avocado and toast. But when it comes to spas, retreats and places to get back in touch with self, spirit and things that matter, the woo-woos infuse smoothly through the experience, the buttery spread that makes everything ok.

In mixing the woo-woo with wellness t’s all about the crystal healers, shamans, and psychics. Massages are cool, but where’s the medium? Baths are great, but let’s save the water and substitute sounds. Charging crystals is a new survival skill for the modern day enlightened.

The following are spas that mix the mindfulness, the meditation, and the massages with the mystical for especially elevated and revealing moments.

Wellness Teepee at Pronghorn

Aiming to entice a diverse group of holistic enthusiasts, Pronghorn offers a variety of ways to spiritually heal through DIY Sage Workshops, Vin/Yin Yoga Classes, Clinical Herbal Tastings, Mindfulness and Crystal Guidance Workshops, Creative Dream Weaving Workshops, Crystal Sound Meditation, and more in its wellness teepee. Spa Manager Kristina Russ oversees a program of healers who offer different avenues of healing from within an authentic teepee tucked away near the golf course. Great for small groups, spiritual experiences within the space include sound baths, meditation, and traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

Shaman at Montage Los Cabos

Not only is Spa Montage Los Cabos the largest spa in the destination, the resort has an in-house Yoltic Shaman – Leonardo Ortega, who leads the resort’s nightly shaman ceremony, Canopy of Stars – a guided ceremony of purification, transformation and stargazing performed to the sound of the sea. Led by the resort’s shaman, this traditional ritual helps guests connect with the inner self, producing a total sensation of cleanliness, tranquility and inner peace. Guests can book a private session with Leonardo via the concierge or the spa reception. Additional guided rituals and ceremonies offered at Montage Los Cabos include fire ceremonies, family soul retrievals and a wide variety of blessings.

Psychic Fairs at La Peer Hotel

Located in West Hollywood, La Peer Hotel hosts quarterly Psychic Fairs where guests and locals have the opportunity to meet with different types of healing and psychic practitioners, including tarot card and palm readings, chakra healing and reiki readings, as well as shop mystical items like crystals and sage bundles – think speed dating with mystics. Each event falls on important dates during the quarter (Valentine’s Day, full moon/new moon, solstices etc.).