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Viral TikTok Outs “a Fever Dream” of a Hotel

Road warrior’s quirky video the MCM Grandé Hotel in Odessa, TX, has had thousands of views

January 20, 2021

A TikTok video of a woman on a business trip to Odessa, TX, has gone viral.

“Hi guys,” says the masked road warrior who goes by the tag @theillumegnati. “I’m an adult woman. I’m on a work trip and my boss put me in this fever dream of a hotel, I’m gonna show you…”

The video then goes on to highlight the reasons, such as a giant rabbit at the entrance, an indoor/outdoor pool in the lobby astride a fountain, and a replica of the Ten Commandments set up near “The Fun Dome” sign.

“There is so much going on here,” @theillumegnati says.

Her post has been viewed thousands of times. Her final assessment: “I decided I love this strange place, but I understand why hotels hire designers now.”

The hotel’s website says that “Affordable luxury and impeccable service awaits you here at the MCM Grandé Hotel and FunDome. We’re proud to be Odessa, TX’s premier destination for business travel and fun family vacations, with unparalleled amenities including a FREE daily breakfast buffet, FREE Daily Happy Hour, and FREE WiFi.”

Fever dream or FunDome? You can decide for yourself at the TikTok video tour here.