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Hotel Purchases of PPE Supplies Are Declining

Despite the delta variant surge, recent buying trends show less focus on equipment such as face masks and signage

August 16, 2021

Front Desk Supply, a hospitality industry supplier based in San Diego, CA, reports current sales data shows that while overall purchases of products for use in hotels are close to 2019 levels, there is a noticeable downward trend in the demand for personal protective equipment, or PPE.

The decline in PPE product purchases comes even as the COVID-19 delta variant’s presence continues to increase and mask mandates are returning in many communities.

In the wake of COVID-19, the hospitality industry’s needs surrounding sanitization and safety grew, according to data form Front Desk Supply, prompting demand for personal protective equipment such as face masks, sneeze guards, signage and tamper-tape.

“We’re happy to see business pick up for our customers after a difficult year, and it’s clear, based on our data, that PPE is important but is lacking focus during a pivotal time,” said Mark Zisek, director of commercial operations at Front Desk Supply.

“The hospitality community is keen on moving away from COVID,” Zisek added, but warns, “The delta variant has become the new concern this summer, and our hospitality partners should take extra measures to ensure as safe an experience as possible before local, regional, state, or federal guidelines are considered. We recognize that this situation is far from over.”