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Affordable Helicopter Transfers in NYC Expand to Area Airports

Blade now offers continuous transport at all area airports in NYC for $195/Seat

A month after launching continuous helicopter flights between Manhattan and John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc. has expanded its service to include LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

New routes are between LaGuardia and Manhattan’s Downtown/Wall Street Heliport, as well as Newark and BLADE Lounge East (East 34th Street Heliport.) JFK service will continue to and from BLADE Lounge West (West 30th Street Heliport) across from Hudson Yards.

At $195 per seat, BLADE consistently beats the price of app-based SUV’s during rush hour. Complimentary ground transportation between the airport helipad and all commercial airline terminals is included.

“Since expanding our continuous flight service between Manhattan and JFK, we are seeing faster than expected adoption by people choosing to fly to the airport rather than driving,” said Rob Wiesenthal, CEO of BLADE. “It has become immediately apparent that fliers want the flexibility to fly between Manhattan and, not only JFK, but all area airports.”

Through its alliance with BELL, BLADE’s airport service utilizes BELL 206L-4 helicopters, which are considered to offer some of the lowest noise and environmental footprints in the industry.

BLADE leverages its technology platform, strategic lounge network of 10 dedicated properties in four states, and its integrated partnerships with over 30 aviation operators, and has expanded from one route in one state to 22 core routes in seven U.S. states. Served cities include Los Angeles and San Francisco.