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Routehappy Includes Beverages in Latest Update

Routehappy, the inflight shopping source, has created a new amenity – beverages.

This is the first new amenity category to be added by Routehappy in three years, and will track the type and availability of beverages, along with whether they are provided for a fee or at no cost.

Routehappy has also enhanced its food amenity, which will now go beyond fresh food to feature a comprehensive list of all food types, including light meal and snack, for select airlines. Routehappy now tracks eight flight amenities: seat, aircraft, layout, WiFi, entertainment, power, food/enhanced food, and beverages.

Qantas is the first airline to integrate the new beverages amenity and enhanced food amenity on its direct channel website, The new data is available to all Routehappy Amenities subscribers. However, enhanced food and beverages are both premium amenities and only available to airlines with Pro subscription tiers or higher.

By Dan Booth