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New Enterprise Re-Imagines World’s First Commercial Spaceflight

Neptune One test launch showcases dazzling views from space and heralds opportunities for travelers to get onboard

Travel adventurers can now reserve a seat on Spaceship Neptune and get 360-degree views of planet Earth from 20 miles above on a soon-to-be spaceflight luxury trip product to be introduced and ready to take off in 2024. Up to eight guests will be able enjoy a comfortable capsule, complete with a bar and a bathroom, for just … $125,000 each.

The flight product is the work of space travel experts Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, which will hopefully and soon make an experience only accessible to astronauts available for booking by consumers.

The Space Explorers flight will ascend in Spaceship Neptune from a launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. Eight guests, accompanied by a pilot, will soar above 99 percent of Earth’s atmosphere and then glide for two hours for views of the planet’s biosphere from vast viewing windows. 

Spaceship Neptune essentially rewrites the engineering playbook: it doesn’t use rocket propulsion nor engender g-force acceleration. Each flight will be customized for each round of guests.

Space Perspective, branding the experience, is the first space launch operator to fly from Space Coast Air and Spaceport, located adjacent to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Their Neptune One inaugural Test Flight has kicked off an extensive testing program that makes Spaceship Neptune a safe way to go to space by applying space balloon flight technology used for decades by NASA and global government entities.

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