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How to Travel With Your Dog

Whether you want to take your dog away with you or whether you have to because you can’t find a suitable sitter for them, traveling with your four-legged friend can become quite a difficult experience

when it’s two or more pups that you travel with, the task is made even harder! What with them being prone to running off, their tendency to bark in the most uncomfortable of places and the fact that they do not necessarily like being taken out of their comfort zone, when you travel with dogs, you open yourself up for a world of trouble. By taking the advice below, however, you will make the task of journeying with your pup a far easier one for you to handle.

Comfort their anxieties

As mentioned, dogs do not necessarily like being taken out of their comfort zone — that being your home and the area in which you walk them regularly.

To deal with and comfort the anxiety that your dog is likely to feel when you travel to a place that is completely alien to them, first and foremost, you need to be making that sure you are showing them lots of attention. If your dog’s case of anxiety doesn’t seem to be easing, however, no matter how many belly rubs you give them, then you should be considering getting them specially formulated CBD for dogs. This kind of formula, which can come in capsule or oil form, helps to calm specifically anxious dogs and control any outburst they may be prone to having.

By controlling your dog’s anxieties, you will make your travels easier to handle, and you will make them feel far more comfortable, so it’s something that must be taken seriously.

Research the nearest vet

Before you touch down in the area that you are traveling to with your dog, you need to be researching where the nearest veterinary practiceor animal hospital is. This might seem like an over-exaggeration, especially to those of your with particularly healthy pups, but you can never be too sure what is going to happen when you take your dog and put them in a place that they do not feel comfortable in. Anything could happen, from them running out into the road because they are panicked by their new surroundings, to them falling ill because they have eaten something their stomach is not used to. So, make sure you know where the nearest vet is, and make sure you know how to get to it should you need it in an emergency.

Check pet regulations

Something else that you need to do before you embark on your journey is to check if there are any pet regulations in place in both the accommodation that you will be staying in and on the mode of transport that you will be using to get to it. You don’t want to be getting an unexpected fine from your airline because you’ve brought your pooch onboard, and you don’t want to be getting turned away by your hotel because they’re not dog-friendly. Traveling with dogs might be a stressful experience, but it can turn out to be a wonderful one if you take the advice that you’ve read above.