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How To Teach While Traveling The World

If you love to teach and travel, teaching abroad is your perfect job.

Not everyone is lucky enough work in their dream career, but those who dare to think differently will often find their way to it. First, you must understand what the lifestyle of teaching while traveling means, as there are two options to decide between. First, you can choose to teach online, while the second route allows you to teach in the classroom but in a foreign country, with your designated subject most likely being English. Furthermore, you must consider the type of teaching practices you are going to be adopting, as you want your students to be engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Understanding the lifestyle

What does teaching while traveling mean? You are immersing yourself in a foreign country, and chances are that it is non-English speaking. For some, this is a dream, whereas for others this sounds like a nightmare. If you are confident in your ability to make new friends, enjoy communicating and you have an adventurous soul, then you should do some further research on this type of job.

Getting the appropriate degree

Like any other career option, teaching abroad requires you to have a degree. Of course, if you have a teaching degree, then you are already on the right track to getting this type of job. You must make sure, however, that your qualifications or certificate properly align with the job requirements in the country that you will be working in. There is a second option for those that have not gone to teacher’s college, and that is to obtain a TEFL or TESOL certificate that allows you to teach English abroad. Once you have this, you can pick the countries that you want to teach in, apply, and go from there.

Online teaching

Given the widespread availability of the Internet no matter where you are in the world, you can also choose to teach online. This will give you more control over what countries you will be able to live in, though you still need to set time aside to work every single day. A job is still a job, after all, and you need it in order to make money and travel more. It is, however, a good idea to set up a savings account while you teach online, in the event that the work period does not last for as long as you want it to – you need money to fall back on.

Teaching practices  

You need to contemplate what teaching practices you will be adopting. Remember that time you were in a classroom and you fell asleep because the lecture was so boring? You do not want your students to do this to you, especially when you are in a foreign country and are trying to make a good impression. Instead, be tech-savvy in your lesson plans, and consider even using educational animation to get your point across. This is more likely to get student’s attention and will make the lessons more fun as a result!

Working while traveling is a dream for many. Teaching is one of the many jobs that will allow you to do this, and the requirements for obtaining it are not impossible. It’s simply up to you to decide if the lifestyle is right for you and thus fits your personality.