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Efficient Ways to Ship Business Goods Across the Country

It is essential for businesses to effectively manage and complete a point of sale process.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a bricks and mortar or e-commerce store, you must find the best logistic options to ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish while reducing your overheads.

If you need to regularly deliver products to your customers, find out the most efficient ways to ship business goods across the country.

Consider Drop Shipping

If you want to minimize storage space and delivery concerns, consider drop shipping. The retail fulfillment method doesn’t require a business owner to physically possess the stock they sell to their customers. Once they have sold a product on their website, the business will purchase the item from a third-party, which will be immediately shipped to a customer’s address.

Invest in LTL Freight Shipments

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping allows you to send goods at a low shipment cost. Your delivery will be pooled with other shipments that will travel to a specific geographical region. It can ultimately make freight shipping quicker, cheaper and safer. Find the best LTL freight quote for your business and maximize on the services out there to instantly save your company money and ship your goods efficiently.

Reuse Your Packaging

Packaging can destroy your company’s profit margin. If you want to improve shipping efficiency while saving money, you should reuse the packaging you receive in the mail. Not only will you not need to pay for more bubble wrap or boxes, but you also will not need to wait on suppliers to receive the items. It’s good for your bottom line and for the environment.

Focus on Accuracy

Save your business money by offering accurate weights and descriptions when shipping products. By doing so, you’ll reduce your shipping fees, which could save your company money and will prevent your customers being overcharged for the service.

Use the Lightest Packaging Material Possible

Heavy packaging materials can increase your shipment’s weight, which can lead to excess charges for your business. For this reason, you should use the lightest packaging material possible, such as old newspaper, Styrofoam popcorn or bubble wrap.

Don’t Send Mail That’s Unnecessarily Big

Make great savings by choosing packaging that suits the size of the items you are shipping. For example, swapping from a 9×12 envelope to a 6×9 envelope could help your business save approximately 50% in shipping costs every year when delivering products across the country. Always choose packaging that closely matches the size of your products.

A Delivery Confirmation

Customer satisfaction is essential for your business, which is why you must choose a shipping service that provides a tracking system and delivery confirmation. By doing so, you can ensure all packages are delivered in a timely manner. Also, if it’s not delivered to a customer during a select timeframe, you can contact them to apologize for the delay before reporting the undelivered item to the shipper.

Take Advantage of Free Supplies

Many shipping services often provide their customers with free packaging supplies. Rather than turning down their offer, you would be wise to use them to save your business money. Also, the packaging will be their recommended shipping materials, which can help to reduce both damage and loss during transit.