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Delta Allows SkyMiles Members to Reclaim Status

Delta Air Lines believes when life throws its curve balls, losing mileage status should not be among them

Even frequent flyers have life interruptions – the birth of a baby, a new job, a hunkering project – times that throw routines out of balance and put travel plans on the sidelines. So the carrier created Reclaim My Status, a program aimed at Medallion Members to keep their hard-earned mileage member status in times of travel slowdowns. The move marks the first such effort by a U.S. legacy airline to work with their loyalty members in times of interruptions and slowdowns

All tiers of status are welcomed in the program, although reclamations are handled on a case-by-case basis determined by the life event.

Once a traveler signs up, Delta immediately grants status and then extends a sort of challenge to the flyer to ensure that he or she can keep up with the level of flying that’s typical of that tier.

How does it work?

When a flyer is ready to start traveling again, they should submit a request to their Medallion Status back. They must meet both of the following basic requirements:

1)They had maintained Medallion Status during the previous Medallion year, but either lost it completely or moved to a lower Tier of Status

2)They have documentation to verify a life event occurred which reduced their ability to travel (all life events will be considered)

The should be ready to start traveling again before submitting their request. A three-month complimentary status period will begin as soon as they receive the email stating their request has been approved. Requests will typically be reviewed within five business days, but may need up to two weeks to resolve.

If a request is approved, the member will receive an email stating they have been enrolled in Reclaim My Status and returned to Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion Status based on the Medallion Status they had. This complimentary Status will last for three months beginning on the date that request is approved.

Extend Status through January 31, 2021

To extend your Status beyond the complimentary three months, members must meet the minimum travel required and spend thresholds for their Status Tier during the three-month period allotted. Once thresholds, are met they will be able to keep their Status for this Medallion year plus the following Medallion year (until January 31, 2021).

• Enroll in Reclaim My Status on or before December 31, 2019 and meet the thresholds, Medallion Status will be extended through January 31, 2021

• Enroll in Reclaim My Status between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 and meet the thresholds, Medallion Status will be extended through January 31, 2022

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