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COVAC GLOBAL Offers COVID-19 Return Home Coverage

Travel insurance membership program is the first fully indemnified COVID-19 coverage for US travelers

As pandemic travel restrictions begin to ease, a serious concern for travelers is how to get back home should they fall ill with coronavirus while on the road. One solution from COVAC GLOBAL is the first fully indemnified COVID-19 membership program for US-based business and leisure travelers.

COVAC GLOBAL is a membership program that will arrange and pay for a private aircraft to transport you back to your home in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis, without other medical or hospitalization requirements. The company’s motto is “Get Sick. Get Home.”

Most existing insurance and membership programs only cover transport to a suitable medical facility (not back home) or will only transport the covered individual if it is medically necessary, usually including hospitalization. COVAC GLOBAL was created to fill the large gaps in existing coverages that do not cover pandemic or contagious diseases.

COVAC GLOBAL only requires a positive COVID-19 for the coverage to be triggered. Memberships start at $999 for 30 days of travel for both business and leisure trips. Coverage is available to individuals, families, organizations and governments.

The COVAC GLOBAL team includes in-house physicians, crisis management professionals and underwriting experts.

“We believe this will be critical in transforming the current travel landscape and help the global leisure and business travel sector recover by providing a way back home for travelers that contract COVID-19,” said Ross Thompson, founder and CEO of COVAC GLOBAL. “With the world beginning to move again, COVAC GLOBAL offers a much-needed health and safety net.”