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Business Travel is Still Important and Heres Why

With companies looking to save money and technology making the world smaller, the number of people traveling for business has steadily declined.

Some companies prefer to use video conferencing to conduct their meetings and send important documents by secure methods instead of handing them over in person. However, for some large organizations, the need to have someone out there working on their behalf is still important. Here’s why.

Closing the Deal

International agreements and deals between companies can be worth millions, and the negotiations can be long and complicated. Many companies would rather see someone face to face than talkingto them over a video link or some other remote system. After all, you wouldn’t want to agree toa multi-million-dollar contract with someone you have never met. Another reason why meeting in person is importantin these situations is that companies also like to have their deals signed in person. When finalizing a deal, the heads of the companies liketo meet in person for extra transparency.

Representing the Company

How your company represents itself to the world andtoother companies is vital to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of your brand. To see a physical representationof the company is a goodway to build trust and it also ensures that any deals are completedin an atmosphere of professionalism. Similarly, if there were to be any problems surrounding your companythen someone there to deal with the issues and put them right will go a long way incalming the waters. Another good reason to be somewhere in person is when there arespecial events. For example, if your company was giving out awards for employees at one of your locations, then having a representative from head officepresent will show how much these employees are valued.

Dealing with Time Zones

One of the issues with dealing with companies all over the world is different time zones. Even in the 24/7 society that many companies operate, there are still times when people are unavailable. Even if you stay up to have a conference call with another business, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to givethe meeting your full attention. That is where business travelersare so important. They can stay over in a country and arrive at the headquarters fresh and ready to do business. It also means your representative can have the meeting at a time that suits the other company instead of one that suits you because of the time difference.


Part of creating business links is to help your company grow and expand across the world. Often you will need other companies to help you get your brand into their country and understand their needs. It might be that you have a supplier or distributor in another country that handles your products, or perhaps you want to set up another manufacturing plant. Having representatives out ofthese countries helps you to network and create contacts that you can deal with at a later date. It also means that they can ask you for help as well if they want to start selling in your country. As a small business especially, it is oftenwho you know that is important as opposed to what you know.

Leadership and Motivation

It is important that you show your staffleadership and motivate them to feel proud and loyal to your company. You can achieve this by representing the company at importantevents and business meetings. It shows the employees that you are committed to them and the company and that you are prepared to go to these places in person and finalize the deals. It can also mean a lot to workers overseas if they see you coming to their offices or factories to see them. It shows that you are aware of their hard work and value them as workers.

Cost Cutting and Morale

Even though the idea of saving some money by reducing or stopping overseas travel sounds like a good idea, the truth is much different. While you will be saving money, you will also be risking all those deals that need to be settledin person. It could mean the loss of a lot ofbusiness for your company and damage to your reputation. You will also be lowering the morale of your team and unsettling their trust. After all, they might think that they are the next group to be removed.