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Booking Site Predicts Top Travel Trends for 2020

Slo-Travel to play big driver in motivating what people do and where they go

Drawing on its expertise in travel and technology, predicts 2020 will be a year of travel exploration fueled by technology as well as a growing sense of responsibility and deeper human connections. Among the forecasts for North American travelers:

Rise of the ‘Second City’ Traveler

Second-city travel – the exploration of lesser known destinations in a bid to reduce over-tourism – will take a leap forward in 2020. 45 percent of Canadian travelers would swap their original destination for a lesser-known, but similar alternative, if they knew it would leave less of an environmental impact.

Tech-Spect the Unexpected

2020 will see travelers put key aspects of their decision-making process more firmly in the hands of technology. Travelers want tech to offer them a ‘wildcard’ and surprise options that would introduce them to something entirely new.

Slo-Mo is the new #FOMO

Instead of experiencing the constant fear of missing out (FOMO), travel in 2020 will be all about taking it slow and focusing on the journey. 47 percent of travelers plan to take slower modes of transport to reduce their environmental impact, and 65 percent would prefer to take a longer route to experience more of the journey itself.

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