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Wellness in Los Cabos: A Reset for Body and Soul

June 13, 2022

Now is the perfect time for an unexpected getaway where relaxation and calm await

The road to recovery is a long one, indeed, but dotted with many miracles and discoveries for those willing to go the distance. As the world yawns out of hibernation, there may be a short cut one can take along this road to unexpected wellness and joy. A mark on the map, for those in the know, should be a stop in sunny Los Cabos where relaxation and calm await amid tantalizing resorts and sublime wellness treatments for body, mind and soul.

Dream Trips Become Reality in Los Cabos

Business travelers are hip to the ways of getting their health and life back into shape—and travel is the way forward. According to an American Express Travel Survey released this month, “Travelers are focused on engaging in positive practices, including wellness activities, giving back to communities, protecting the environment, and more…”

In fact, 65 percent of those asked agreed they would rather take their dream vacation than purchase a new car. Some 30 percent were targeting a spa vacation; 15 percent wanted a trip that integrates meditation. And, of the places those travelers wanted to go, Mexico was in the top five on the list.

Los Cabos is ready to serve those traveling for business and pleasure alike with over-the-top luxury spas to answer every call. The road to wellness in Los Cabos comes naturally. Los Cabos—including the 20-mile golden tourist corridor, Cabo San Lucas, the sleepy arts village of San Jose del Cabo and the new area of the East Cape—is an easy two-hour flight from key destinations in the U.S., such as Los Angeles and Phoenix, or a short hop by private air from nearly any location. Yet, located at the bottom tip of Baja California Sur and marked by the notable Arch at Land’s End, it is far away enough to be an escape into another realm, another culture and another world of adventure. For those looking to put color and motion back into their life, Los Cabos is the place to start with bucket-list experiences to choose within a treasure trove of travel.

Wellness Immersions by Desert and Water

Start your day with a yoga session on the beach, widely offered at resorts throughout Los Cabos or privately offered through your villa concierge. Plan a hike into the healing desert silence, perhaps along the scenic trails of nearby Rancho Cacachilas. Enjoy a snorkeling or diving tour on a shared or private yacht to sacred gathering spots on the Sea of Cortez where marine life and playful sea lions abound. The Sea of Cortez located in the East Cape is a protected UNESCO marine habitat and has been tabbed by naturalists as ‘the aquarium of the world.”

Should you want to have a magical adventure in nature, consider a side trip to Sol de Mayo Waterfall. This is a rare and enchanting instance of running water in the dry terrain of Baja California Sur. Find a 15-foot waterfall and clear and cold ponds for swimming enclosed by the boulders and cacti of Fox Canyon. Adventure companies abound with tailor-made experiences in Los Cabos to accommodate every interest and comfort.

But you may want to chill on this Los Cabos vacation. Consider natural healing treatments based on ancestral flowers and essences. Envision indulging in a water therapy experience that includes dipping in a warm-spring soaking pool, sitting in steam caves and taking a cold rinse to draw on the tradition of using hot and cold water to rejuvenate the body and mind; or make it a seven-step hydrotherapy ceremony that features an ice room, a sensation pool and thermal lounges, among other water-based treatments, to complement a sorely needed massage or body wrap.

Perhaps the moment calls for a Temazcal ritual. This ancient steam lodge concept draws on the healing powers of earth, fire, water, and air to balance body, mind, and spirit. Participants sit in a darkened chamber bathed in aromatic steam to promote deep relaxation and improve circulation. It is here, in this chamber, in this state, that clarity comes, wishes are cast and the gods take care of the rest.

Only in Los Cabos

You’ll find a complex spa labyrinth based on the four phases of the moon, the power of the ocean and traditional Mexican folk healing practices. These are woven into comprehensive wellness vacations that range from immersive yoga retreats to the special self-love retreats integrating breathing sessions, mindfulness workshops and various spa treatments.

Enjoy a massage to the sound of waves in an open tent along the sand by the Sea of Cortez. There is yoga in the morning, maybe some Chi Gong after that followed by a breakfast with organic fruits and perfect pancakes and then, possibly a session of meditation backed by an aromatherapy massage. Emerge from this moment to feel that all is well with the world and the world is yours again.

Nourishing Body and Soul

But nourishment for the spirit and soul needs to be followed by nourishment for the body and Los Cabos offers a bounty of healthy dining destinations to complete the circle.

Located at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, fresh seafood is always on the menu, whether grilled over an aromatic fire or doused in succulent Mexican sauces. Farm to table celebrations amid rolling organic gardens are all the more festive in Los Cabos where the weather is always temperate for al fresco meals served under lanterns in romantic and family style settings.

Book enough time in your vacation

Stay an extra night or two to fit in luxury brand shopping and the deals to be found. Or make that an exploration of art galleries in San Jose del Cabo and farther out in the magic art town of Todos Santos. Along the way, stop at beautiful, clean and empty beaches. Grab a fish taco from a local taco stand and take in the incredible views.

Whenever you choose to come to Los Cabos, there will be miracles waiting for you that will correct your clock, rebalance your chakras and retune your soul. If you need a quick fix, Los Cabos has the packages and the places to help you reset.

Treat yourself, treat your loved ones to a total Los Cabos reset with these tempting offers.