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Why Celebrities and Top Firms Look to Interiors by Steven G for Their Design Needs

Clients include sporting legends, celebrities, top corporations, and some of the most upscale residential developments in Florida

by Lark Gould

May 16, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Interiors by Steven G

Steven G believes the secret of any well-planned design space, regardless of themes, lines, fashion and frills, is comfort. President and CEO of Interiors by Steven G, he is an interior designer with a passion for creating timeless spaces. His clients include sporting legends, celebrities, top corporations, and some of the most upscale residential developments in Florida. But for all the eye-popping appeal, if you can’t find a place to sit and be comfortable, he feels, then the job is not done.

For nearly half a century, Steven G has designed for a range of Fortune 500 companies, and his recent work includes such projects as the ocean-front condominium VistaBlue on Singer Island, The Tides and Fairwind hotels on South Beach, Turnberry Ocean Club Residences in Miami, Pier 27 condo towers in Toronto, Canada, a large rental residence for the Lerner Corporation in Washington, DC, Akoya Boca West in Boca Raton, and Privé in Aventura. Some 78 multilingual employees—with seven languages represented among them—ensure that every project is different, and every space a masterpiece.

Photo: Courtesy of Interiors by Steven G

While form must follow function—a cardinal rule in this studio—Steven G admits that a big part of his vision is driven by art. “I am a lover of art,” he wrote in a Facebook post, “so I push many of my clients to spend less on furniture, and more on lighting and art, because I think it’s timeless.”

With artwork to the fore, his preferred palette of beiges and greys—“Greiges,” he jokes—in furnishing choices also remains timeless. “Your interior should have great legs,” he says, “and should stand the test of time.”

Born Steven Gurowitz and raised in Queens, New York City, Steven G lucked into a position in delivery for a furniture company in Florida at 19, and fell in love with interior design. Plenty of learning, reading, training, testing, and even just jumping into the fray as the decades progressed, brought a series of design coups that garnered awards, recognition, and top clients.

Photo: Courtesy of Interiors by Steven G

The success of Interiors by Steven G can be seen through what is the largest showroom owned privately by an interior designer in the US, covering more than 110,000 square feet. And the versatile full-service interior design firm has created new channels of accessibility through Now by Steven G—a menu of templated design schemes that can be adapted for a range of spaces. Visitors can tour 15 distinct rooms created for Now by Steven G at the Pompano Beach showroom.

From handmade renderings to computer-aided plans, and even owning their own delivery trucks, Interiors by Steven G offers a level of control that can accommodate clients’ unique needs, and deliver within strict timelines.

A man of simple habits—Dunkin’ Donuts coffee each morning, days spent in T-shirts and running shoes—Steven G believes in three core principles to guide his work: first, “I am not always right,” he says. Second, “I listen to others without forcing my will.” And third, even if it’s not broken, fix it. “I’ve learned over the years that broken or not, things can always be made better.