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Video: This Cruise Company Will Let You Work Remotely at Sea. The Cost? $30,000 Per Year

Life at Sea Cruises is offering remote workers the chance to live on a cruise ship while traveling the world for three years

by Fergus Cole

March 6, 2023

Photo: Life at Sea Cruises

Travelers, remote workers, and anyone looking for a dramatic change of scenery may be interested in an enticing new offer from a cruise ship company allowing people to live onboard for $30,000 annually.

Life at Sea Cruises is now taking bookings for a three-year voyage onboard the MV Gemini, which is set to depart on a round-the-world cruise on November 1, 2023, from Istanbul, Turkey.

All-inclusive cabin prices start at just $29,999 per person per year, although applicants must book for the entire three-year trip, which would total just under $90,000 per person.

According to the company, the cruise ship will dock at 375 ports worldwide during its three-year journey, visiting 135 countries and touching ground on all seven continents.

The itinerary involves an entire loop of South America, including a cruise down the Amazon River as far as Manaus in Brazil for Christmas, New Year’s Eve in Argentina, and even a couple of stops in Antarctica.

After heading up the west coast of South America, passengers will be taken through the Panama Canal to begin a multi-stop tour of the Caribbean, before heading back down the canal and up the west coast of Central America and Mexico, before hitting California.

Once in Los Angeles, the ship will turn to Hawaii, visiting all four major islands before heading back to San Francisco and going up the West Coast to Alaska. The ship will then cross the North Pacific towards Asia, stopping in multiple destinations across Japan, South Korea, and China before embarking on a loop encompassing Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia.

Passengers will then visit India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives before visiting the remote islands of Mauritius, Reunion, and Saint Helena, and continue onto Northern Europe as far as Iceland, Norway, and Finland before heading back down for a final tour of the Mediterranean.

Perfect for Remote Workers and World Travelers

While this may sound like a luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world while putting your feet up, the three-year tickets are being marketed to remote workers, or digital nomads.

According to Life at Sea Cruises, the MV Gemini is being refurbished for the voyage. The 400-cabin ship with a capacity for 1,074 passengers will include a full-size business center with meeting rooms, 14 private offices, a library, and a meeting lounge. It will also have a 24-hour hospital allowing free medical visits and all the amenities you’d expect from a cruise ship, including free high-speed Wi-Fi, restaurants and bars, a wellness center, a swimming pool, and world-class entertainment.

Photo: Coutresy of Fernando Jorge / Unsplash

“Professionals need connectivity, the right amenities, and the functionality to perform their jobs,” said Mikael Petterson, managing director at Life at Sea Cruises. “There is no other cruise that offers this sort of flexibility to their customers.”

Although customers need to sign up for all three years, Life at Sea Cruises also offers some flexibility in its matchmaking program, which will allow passengers to share their cabin with others at different times of the itinerary.

Although cabins start at $30,000 per year per person, larger cabins, Balcony Suites, and outdoor cabins are also available for a higher price. Meanwhile, lone travelers can get a 15 percent discount off the standard double occupancy rate, although a minimum deposit of $45,000 is required. Applications are now open on the company’s website.

“Life at Sea Cruises offers the ultimate bucket list cruise without having to sacrifice the comforts of your home,” said Irina Strembitsky, director of sales and marketing at Life at Sea Cruises. “It’s your home at sea with the world as your backyard.”