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Uber Introduces Shuttle Service in the U.S. for Affordable Airport Transfers

The new feature will roll out at sporting events and concerts this summer before being expanded to airports

by Fergus Cole

May 20, 2024

Photo: Airport Shuttle. Courtesy of Markus Krisetya / Unsplash

Relief is on the way for travelers as Uber, the ride-hailing giant, has announced the launch of a shuttle service in the U.S. this summer, promising a more convenient and cost-effective way to reach the airport.

Named Uber Shuttle, the new service will allow users to book up to five seats in a shuttle bus, which will transport them from a central location in select cities to the airport terminal. However, before being available for airport trips, the feature will be tested at various sporting events and concerts.

Photo: Uber. Courtesy of charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

While Uber is a popular choice for transportation across the U.S., airport trips can often be a budget buster, especially during peak times. However, with Uber Shuttle, the ride-sharing company hopes that journeys will be quicker, more comfortable than alternative public transit, and significantly cheaper than a regular Uber.

Uber announced it will launch Uber Shuttle in the U.S. this summer during its annual Go-Get product launch event in New York. Already available in Mexico City and various cities in India and Egypt, the new feature will initially roll out for events in select U.S. cities, including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Miami, before being expanded to airports and more locations in the following months.

“Uber Shuttle is our answer to providing an easy, affordable, and convenient way to get around,” said Anthony Le Roux, General Manager of Uber Shuttle. “As a truly global solution, it looks different in different places. Having launched in Egypt and India to get people to work, we’re thrilled to bring Shuttle to the U.S. this summer to get fans to concerts and sporting events, as well as travelers to the airport.”

Photo: Courtesy of Uber

According to Uber, the new shuttle service will cost a ‘fraction of the price’ of UberX, while it also insists that prices won’t be affected by so-called surge pricing, when the cost of an Uber soars when demand is high, for example, after concerts and sporting events.

When the feature rolls out, users can book up to five seats on a shuttle with a total capacity of 14 and 55 passengers, depending on the trip and location. Around 25 minutes before departure, users will be notified of their departure time and location and given a QR code they’ll need to scan when boarding the shuttle.

Speaking at Uber’s Go-Get event in New York, Le Roux explained: “We’ll be piloting the shuttle for airports by working with our airport partners to provide convenient shuttle services multiple times each day straight from downtown locations all the way to the airport curbside. Just wait at your destination and scroll down to select the shuttle. Once selected, you’ll choose from the available routes and you’ll see the appropriate price there.”