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Frontier to Launch All-You-Can-Fly Pass Next Spring

Passengers will soon be able to buy an annual pass which will cover flights to any Frontier Airlines destination

by Fergus Cole

October 28, 2022

Photo: Courtesy of Cam Ferland / Unsplash

Frontier Airlines is introducing a new ‘all-you-can-fly-pass’ called GoWild! The scheme—expected to land in Spring 2023—will allow passengers to fly to any Frontier destination, paid for by an annual subscription rather than individual fares. While specific details are yet to be revealed, Frontier notes that the GoWild! program includes the following perks:

  • Passengers will be able to book unlimited flights for 12 months
  • Flights are available for 300 days a year, with 60 blackout dates during hectic periods
  • Bookings only become available on the day before departure

Both the name GoWild! and the fact that bookings cannot be made in advance indicate this will be aimed at those looking to explore on a whim rather than a money-saving product for regular flyers.

However, one of the issues a potential customer might face is Frontier’s restrictive baggage policy. While the types of fares included in GoWild! have yet to be revealed, these will likely be the cheapest economy offering, which only allows each passenger to carry one personal item. In addition, any extra baggage is chargeable, which may dampen the appeal of the offering. 

Photo: Courtesy of Miguel Angel Sanz / Unsplash

While Frontier’s new product might sound novel, similar schemes are available, albeit with critical differences.

American Airlines, for example, introduced their upmarket AAirpass in 1980, providing passengers with free first-class flights. JetBlue recently introduced ‘All-you-can-jet’, which works on a 30-day cycle rather than a year.

The key difference between these two schemes and GoWild! is that they allow passengers to book much further in advance. However, Frontiers’ last-minute clause is a way for the airline to improve efficiency by getting people onto flights that would have a lot of empty seats.

Exactly how much GoWild! Will cost has yet to be revealed. However, we expect that given the conditions (and the fact that Frontier is an ultra-low-cost airline), it will be affordable. Frontier has also made it clear that only a limited amount of passes will be available.