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Aviationtag Releases Special Air Tahiti Nui A340-300 Edition

The new, limited-edition Aviationtags created from the skin of a retired Airbus A340, are now available to buy online and in licensed stores worldwide

by Fergus Cole

January 31, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Aviationtag

A unique, limited-edition Aviationtag has been released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of French Polynesian carrier Air Tahiti Nui.

Aviationtags are small, eye-catching pieces of upcycled aircraft skin that can be used as key holders, luggage tags, or decorative memorabilia. They are the brainchild of aviation enthusiast Stephan Boltz, who founded bordbar design GmbH in Cologne, Germany, 17 years ago.

Focused initially on transforming discarded pieces of aircraft into quirky furniture items, the company began creating Aviationtags—described as ‘pocket-sized pieces of aircraft history’—in 2018.

Photo: Courtesy of Aviationtag

Each series of Aviationtags is inspired by a particular aircraft and airline, and they all feature the aircraft type, registration number, edition number, and size engraved on them.

They can be handy as a luggage tag, as the engraved data can be used to track any lost baggage and reunite it with its registered owners, thanks to Aviationtag’s Lost & Found service. They are also unique in terms of thickness, color, and structure due to the different liveries and types of aircraft used in their creation.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to build this partnership for the 25th anniversary of Air Tahiti Nui,” said Torea Colas, Marketing and Communication Director at Air Tahiti Nui. “Aviationtag has wonderfully carried out this very special project, offering a second life to our A340 Bora Bora. This Aviationtag X Air Tahiti Nui edition is a unique opportunity to keep a piece of the airline’s history. It is not only a beautifully crafted creation, but also a lasting reminder of all these beautiful years filled with outstanding emotions and amazing trips.”

The newly-released Aviationtag x Air Tahiti Nui edition was created by upcycling one of the airline’s retired Airbus A340-300s, registered as F-OJTN. Air Tahiti Nui has a reputation for operating aesthetically-pleasing aircraft, with their distinctive blue liveries and traditional Polynesian floral design.

“Air Tahiti Nui planes sport one of the best known and most spectacular liveries in the aviation industry,” said Tobias Richter, Chief Commercial Officer at Aviationtag. “We are thrilled to have teamed up with our partner Air Tahiti Nui to create such an exceptional edition to mark the airline’s 25th anniversary.”

The particular A340 used in creating this Aviationtag has a remarkable history. It was initially ordered by the now-folded Belgian airline Sabena in 2001 but was subsequently leased to Canadian discount charter airline Canada 3000 when Sabena was liquidated. However, following the subsequent collapse of the Canadian carrier, it was finally transferred to the ownership of Air Tahiti Nui, who registered it as F-OJTN and named it ‘Bora Bora’ after the idyllic island that Tahiti is famous for.

‘Bora Bora’ then spent 16 years connecting Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport (PPT) to destinations worldwide and was finally retired in 2018 after more than 65,000 hours of flight. It was then relocated to the U.S., where it was scrapped in 2021, allowing the German manufacturers to upcycle its skin into its latest Aviationtag edition.

Photo: Courtesy of Port of Seattle

Since the retirement of the Airbus A340 fleet, Air Tahiti Nui has replaced the four-engined planes with brand-new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which offer substantial fuel savings and a much improved in-flight product to the airline’s customers. Today, the Tahitian carrier operates a fleet of four Dreamliners, averaging only four years of age.

With the newer planes, Air Tahiti Nui has also increased its global footprint. Launching on June 12 next year, Air Tahiti Nui will connect Seattle and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport two times every week. Adding to the five weekly flights the Tahitian carrier offers via Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Air Tahiti Nui will now provide its customers with seven weekly flights to France via the two US gateways.

The Aviationtag x Air Tahiti Nui edition is now available for just €32.95 ($35.70) on, or at selected licensed retailers worldwide.