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Atlantic Airways Announces First-Ever Flight from Faroe Islands to the U.S.

Atlantic Airways will launch seasonal flights between the Faroe Islands and New York-Stewart International Airport in August

by Fergus Cole

May 1, 2023

Photo: Faroe Islands. Courtesy of Lia Tzanidaki / Unsplash

Traveling to the remote Atlantic archipelago of the Faroe Islands is about to get a lot easier thanks to the first-ever direct flights from the U.S.

Atlantic Airways, a little-known airline that is the flag carrier of the Faroe Islands, has announced it will launch a nonstop service between Vagar Airport (FAE) to New York Stewart International Airport (SWE). The seasonal route will begin on August 22 this year and run until at least October 4.

Photo: Atlantic Airways, Airbus A320. Courtesy of Michael Fousert / Unsplash.

Although exact flight schedules have yet to be confirmed, Atlantic is expected to operate the route once a week, and the flights will typically last just over six hours. The first slights are set to go on sale on May 15.

Atlantic Airways will use an Airbus A320neo to operate the route, which has a total capacity of 174 passengers. However, all seats are expected to be in the Economy cabin, with no Business Class or First Class fares available.

“The interest in the route has been great both among Faroese and foreigners, ever since it came out that we are planning a direct flight to the USA,” said Jóhanna á Bergi, managing director of Atlantic Airways. “We expect it will be a great success.”

The Faroe Islands is a small and mysterious archipelago in the North Atlantic, halfway between Scotland and Iceland. Although technically a part of the Kingdom of Denmark and the considerably larger Greenland, the Faroe Islands is self-governing, and its people are fiercely independent. It has its language, flag, national anthem, and international soccer team, although you’ll need to get some Danish Krone if you want to spend cash there.

Photo: Faroe Islands. Courtesy of Rogério Toledo / Unsplash

Comprising eighteen rugged and windswept islands with a population of just under 53,000 people (compared to around 70,000 sheep), passengers stepping off the plane at Vagar Airport – the islands’ only airport – will feel like they are entering another world.

Travelers can expect lush green pastures, soaring cliffs, fantastic birdlife, idyllic grass roof cottages, and intriguing local customs. Those looking for adventure won’t be disappointed, with endless hiking, kayaking, climbing, and puffin-watching opportunities. And despite the archipelago’s remote location and nautical traditions, all of its eighteen islands are connected by causeways, bridges, and tunnels, making traveling around the islands surprisingly easy.

Photo: Faroe Islands. Courtesy of Tommy Kwak / Unsplash

The archipelago has long been considered hard to get to and ‘off the beaten track’. However, this has also added to the charm and appeal of the islands, with many intrepid travelers having the Faroe Islands on their ultimate bucket list of destinations.

Currently, U.S. travelers will first need to fly to a European country with direct flights to the Faroe Islands, such as Denmark, Iceland, the U.K., or France, and then hop on a service to Vagar, which are frustratingly infrequent. Scandinavian Airlines is the only other carrier to operate flights to the Faroe Islands, other than Atlantic Airways.