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20 New Travel Apps

Amadeus Mobile Messenger

Designed for companies that employ travel managers, this piece of software is similar to Safeture in that it helps to mitigate risk by flagging location-specific issues that could be a danger.

It also provides a direct line to your employer back home, and can be used to monitor spend and policy compliance. Tracking technology shows your manager exactly where you are (reassuring for some, invasive for others). Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows

Booking Now

Hotel reservation site has launched Booking Now, which uses geolocation software to show properties nearby with rooms available. It lists more than 600,000 hotels worldwide with images and reviews. You also get directions, Apple’s Passbook integration and offline access to save on data. Pay for a room in just two taps. Android, Apple


Launched in August 2015 in partnership with 20 airports and now up to 900 airport profiles, Flio offers one-touch connectivity to free airport WiFi, plus discounts and offers at airside shops and eateries. There’s advice for navigating terminals and the ability to book extras such as lounge access and transport too. Android, Apple

Four Seasons

The hotel group’s new app enables you to make and manage bookings, check in and out, arrange airport transfers, request toiletries, wake-up calls, housekeeping, turndown and room service, and book restaurants, spa treatments and golf. There are also tips on the local area. Android, Apple, Amazon


Travel planning app GoEuro ( enables users to compare journey times and prices between airlines, buses and trains across 33,000 European destinations. Partners include National Express, First Train, Eurolines, Eurostar, Virgin Trains, Gatwick Express, Easyjet, Renfe, Deutsche Bahn and TrenItalia. Android, Apple


The Dutch airline revamped its app last year to make it more intelligent. It has an attractive, intuitive interface allowing you to make bookings, check in and select your seat, while new features include the ability to predict your preferences based on past data. The reservation process has been simplified and you can pay in-app with credit card details that are stored for next time. Specially installed beacons help you to navigate Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows


Charter one of 4,800 private jets worldwide with the swipe of a finger. Arrange one-way, round-trip or multi-destination journeys, and book seats on empty legs (there are usually about 200 services a day and prices can save you up to 75 percent). Not only can you take your pets, you can also request to smoke on board. One-hour flights from €2,000 ($2,265) per aircraft; six-hour journeys from €20,000 ($22,658). Android, Apple, Blackberry World


This cloud-based app enables event organizers to conduct live polls of attendees, create a platform for sharing opinions and ideas and ask questions in real time. More than 1,000 participants from the same group can use it simultaneously – it can also be employed for training sessions, virtual meetings and multi-location events. PwC was an early adopter. It costs from $109/month for up to 100 participants, $4,290/year for up to 1,000 attendees. Android, Apple Blackberry,Windows


MileHi promises to put you in touch with like-minded people on the same flight. It says it’s aimed at both leisure and business travelers, but it will likely be used as a hook-up rather than a networking platform (the clue is in the name). Simply type in your flight details to see if any other users are on board. If you like the look of them, you can send a private message – and arrange to meet in the galley, perhaps. Android, Apple


Previously for corporate travelers only, Safeture was extended to the public last year. It provides real-time information on security and health risks, the weather, civil unrest, terror attacks and airport disruption alerts around the world, with data pulled from government bodies, foreign offices and meteorological agencies. It also offers a one-click connection to local emergency services, as well as location sharing to show others where you are. Android, Apple

Seasonal Cities

Disappointed that you can’t do the bike ride you planned? This app will suggest things to do in 11 cities based on real-time weather forecasts. Rewritten every three months, the guides ($0.99 each) provide five recommendations for shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, events, sights and hotels according to the season and across a range of budgets, with places of interest geotagged on maps. Apple

Singapore Airlines

New features on the SIA app range from a “My trips” page with booking reference numbers and flight schedules listed, to a reservation widget so you can search and pay for flights and check in online. Boarding passes can be saved to Apple’s Passbook, and Krisflyer members can see their points. Android, Apple


This “social currency” app enables you to swap your money for currency supplied direct from a local abroad. Transfer the amount you want to exchange onto the app, select a currency and it will match you with someone who is willing to buy it. If it’s someone you know on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the transaction is free; if not, there is a 1 percent fee. If there are no matches, WeSwap will buy it from you for 1.5 percent. You will receive a free prepaid MasterCard to withdraw your cash from an ATM or make purchases. It holds up to 16 currencies. Android, Apple


Announced in June 2015, Skyzen pairs with the Jawbone and Fitbit fitness trackers via Apple Health on your iPhone. Developed by IATA (the International Air Transport Association), with data from the Official Airline Guide (OAG), it’s designed to monitor your sleep and activity patterns while in the air. Pertinent information on time zones can also help to combat jetlag. Apple, Android soon

Trip Advisor

The latest update of the Trip Advisor app expands its social uses by introducing the Travel Timeline function – where users can now automatically record the places they visit, the road trips they have done, and even hikes that they have completed. It’s a great and convenient way to take a trip down memory lane. Android, Apple, Windows (tablets) Android, Apple, Windows (tablets)


The airline has updated its app to allow you to re-book if your flight is delayed or canceled, and view interactive airport maps for Chicago, Denver, Houston, LA, New York Newark, San Francisco and Washington, DC, with more to come. International travelers can scan their passports, and if you have a mobile boarding pass, it will show the route to your gate and the time it takes to walk there. Amazon, Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows


A growing pain for many travelers is having to scroll through a list of unwanted e-mails to locate the one they’re looking for. With Unroll.Me, a simple swipe to the left will automatically unsubscribe you from e-mail subscriptions that you don’t want. No future e-mails from these senders will land in your inbox. Apple


Virtual members’ club Urbanologie gives you the lowdown on new hotels, restaurants, pop-ups, exhibitions and bars in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, Ibiza and Mallorca. The guides are updated daily by local freelancers and in-house staff. There’s also a clever pull-out map that works well on touchscreens. Membership costs $160 per year. Android, Apple


This peer-to-peer app connects you with locals in 30 European cities, including London, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam, who can set up tours (for a fee), meetings and provide tips. Publish your itinerary on your profile and you can start talking to fellow travelers or residents. A partnership with British Airways means you can book BA and Oneworld partner flights at the same time. Android, Apple


Scan Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters on menus or signs and this clever translation app will instantly convert the text into English so you can order food and get around with ease. You don’t even need an Internet connection. Users get ten free translations a day, while an upgrade of $1.99 will allow a week-long unlimited package, or $6.99 will get you as many as you want forever. More languages coming soon. Android, Apple

By Jenny Southan