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Is Vegan Travel the Next Big Trend?

Vegan travelers are demanding travel that is centered on plant-based meals and humane sensibilities

Got couscous? Vegan travel is taking off. What was more or less a private habit or a personal philosophy is now a new travel genre enjoyed by like-minded travelers that eschew eating or wearing any animal or creature that has given its life for the purpose.

Many travelers want to maintain healthy eating habits while exploring new countries and that is not always easy to do. Food has become an important part of a complete travel experience and a vegan approach to food should not have to be sacrificed during a trip or tour.

With the popularity of veganism increasing, travel companies are answering the diet-conscious call for healthier options. Countries with traditionally vegan-friendly cuisine may be welcoming more tourists as well, making vegan travel a big trend for 2020.

Why Vegan Travel?

Veganism is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for millennials. In fact, in the United States and Great Britain the number of consumers who identify as vegan has risen by more than 800 percent collectively since 2014. This plant-based lifestyle has plenty of benefits. Here’s a short but telling list:

• Personal health and well-being

• Can reduce world hunger

• Water conservation

• Soil conservation

• Air purification

Vegan Hotels:

In the Scottish Highlands, travelers can visit the UK’s first ever vegan hotel, Saorsa 1875. It features 11 bedrooms with linen not made from animal by-products and boasts an entirely plant-based restaurant menu. According to their website, “Saorsa 1875 is designed for vegans, vegetarians and the plant-curious—a unique hotel dedicated to showcasing ethical luxury.”

In Bel Air, California, The Treehouse boutique hotel also offers a curated vegan experience. The Treehouse provides vegan cooking classes, products and more. Its current homepage describes the property as “Boho-chic, plant-based, biodynamic. A hideaway in the City of Angels. Redefining luxury as wellbeing.”

Another section of the site reads, “Veganism is not a fad. It is the new world order of compassion. Already proven to reduce the risk of illness by 800 percent, more people are hopping on to this style of living.”

Airlines, hotels, tour operators, cruises and other travel businesses are adding new products and services to better accommodate a growing global appetite for veganism.

Vegan Friendly Destinations:

Many budget-conscious travelers choose to prepare vegan meals instead of purchasing them. Traveling to vegan friendly countries makes this easier. Tourists can visit organic markets, take vegan cooking lessons with professional help, participate in several food tours and experiment with local vegan cuisine. The vegan lifestyle extends past the food eaten on trips. It’s becoming a primary focus for a growing number of travelers. The countries listed below are popular vegan destinations:  

• Costa Rica

• Spain

• Italy

• France

• Belize

• Guatemala

• Thailand

• Malaysia

• Puerto Rico

• Antigua

Vegan Travel Companies:

As a current niche market, vegan travel has the potential to be big business. It’s an opportunity for some companies to be pioneers in the travel sphere and to further tailor their offerings to their customers needs. Health-conscious travel companies are springing up in several locations. Below, FlightHub and JustFly have put together a short list:

Vegan Travel


Intrepid Travel



From recipes to food tours, hotels to cruises—the vegan way of life is growing in popularity. The benefits are well-documented. Travelers are looking for new ways to stay healthy while on the road; and the travel industry has already begun adapting to changing demands. More information: Flighthub.