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Saudi Arabia Launches Key Attraction: Diriyah Gate

A new cultural and lifestyle tourism destination will be built around UNESCO world heritage site

A November 19th event will mark the cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s first cultural and lifestyle giga project located in Diriyah, Riyadh. The restoration and reimagining of Diriyah, a sweeping 18th century adobe city that once served as the capital and stronghold of the first Saudi State, will be inaugurated and welcome visitors from near and far as part of a new push by Saudi Arabia’s to bring international tourists to the Kingdom.

The celebration will formally inaugurate the new giga project known as ‘Diriyah Gate’, a cultural and lifestyle tourism destination for Saudi Arabia with a UNESCO World Heritage Site at its heart.

Located on the North Western edge of the Saudi capital of Riyadh, Diriyah is deeply important to the Saudi national identity as it was at Diriyah that “Arabia” first became “Saudi” as a defensive structure protecting the settlement of Imam Muhammed in 1744.

The 2.7-square-mile project will become one of Saudi Arabia’s cultural and lifestyle destinations with places to gather, explore, shop, dine, live and work with a collection of museums and galleries in addition to a range of cultural and educational experiences. More than 20 world leading luxury hospitality brands, including Aman Resorts, will be located near these historic and breathtaking surrounds. A Formula-E racetrack and possibly a 15,000-seat arena are in the plans to create an entire entertainment complex at Diriyah Gate – projects that are so much the style of royalty in the Arabian Gulf.

“There is only one Diriyah. Only this place can tell the story of the Saudi people and inspire new generations to commit to the dynamic vision of the future. This is truly a momentous time in this extraordinary country,” said Jerry Inzerillo, CEO of Diriyah Gate Development Authority (formerly CEO of Forbes Travel Guide).

“As the first home of the Saudi nation, it is important that Saudis are the backbone behind the success of Diriyah Gate, contributing to its unique identity. It is important therefore that the inauguration be designed & created by Saudis in honour of the heritage of their forefathers. Interest in Diriyah, the land of kings and heroes, is echoing around the globe. We plan to break ground in January 2020 for Diriyah Gate, a mixed-use traditional urban community which celebrates the rich cultural history of Saudi Arabia. Diriyah Gate, Riyadh’s new global cultural and lifestyle destination, will be home to leading luxury and lifestyle retail brands as well as over 100 cafes and restaurants.”