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Carbon and Energy Reduction Projects to Debut at London Show

A groundbreaking energy management conference will address climate change with real world practices and solutions next week

As climate change continues to show its fierce face on the weather patterns and eroding coastlines the world over, some companies and countries are coming together to ask: What could happen if we all worked together as an industry to reduce our carbon footprint and to share best practices?

 To answer, EMEX, an Energy Management Exhibition, is running a focused conference November 27-28 at the ExCeL center in London to allow professionals looking to create a low-carbon, energy-efficient and sustainable future for their organization a place to share and learn.

EMEX is free to attend and open for all who are seeing an effective way for assessing best practices against other businesses, sourcing new ideas and identifying quick wins and areas of improvement. Hundreds of energy and sustainability experts and practitioners will be on hand at EMEX with solutions toward reducing carbon emissions and energy costs.

While the conference takes place in the UK and will be featuring many European think tanks and manufacturers, the concepts afloat will no doubt be of use to counterpart enterprises across the pond.

Among the cases to be presented:

Powering The Railways With Solar PV. A collaboration between Network Rail and Riding Sunbeams to deploy the world’s first solar farm to power a railway line directly plugged into the track in the UK, paving the way for solar-powered trains.

Giving Buildings A Heartbeat – IoT At Scale In Retail. This talk will be centered around deploying industrial-scale internet of things across thousands of sensors and hundreds of locations for one of the top four retailers in the UK.

Declaring a Climate Emergency. Hear from leading professionals and their experience and the case study use of declarations for an NHS Foundation Trust, a Borough Council, and also for a leading professional body to drive transformative change.

Transport for London’s Palestra Project. A major energy efficiency program with cost savings and CO2 reductions significantly exceeded in the first year.

From Compliance to Leadership: RBS’s energy management journey. How a data-driven approach to energy management enabled significant efficiencies in both energy usage, the processes for management and reporting.

The Benefits and Pitfalls of ISO 50001 Certification. A live case study which will include DHL’s journey to certification and maintaining ongoing certification with both the benefits and pitfalls they have experienced during this journey.

The UK’s First Zero Energy Cost Business Park – Six Years On. This session will review the issues of building with low and zero-carbon technologies and highlight the benefits over the last six years.

London’s Luton Airport Saves 1,300,000 kWh of Energy through Plug Fan Upgrades. This session will present the case study about the substantial savings made just by upgrading the fans in their HVAC units.

Smart Electric Urban Logistics (SEUL). This presentation will give an overview of UPS’ central London fleet electrification project and the smart charging solution UK Power Networks Services implemented.

Using Data to Create an Energy-Efficient Estate. How better building management and a data-led approach enabled Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) to deliver portfolio-wide energy savings and drive down operational costs.

The road to Carbon Zero – A customer journey. This session will discuss ENGIE and the Wakefield Council’s journey on the road to carbon neutrality and the approach taken to meet this goal.

Communicating Climate Change. Leading case study on embedding Climate change into communications with BAFTA Albert, BBC and Futerra.