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Brexit Troubles Spark Rise in Staycations for Brits

Survey shows UK holiday seekers are looking to inns and resorts closer to home as Brexit deal/no deal continues to unfold

Travelers from the UK may have to think twice before taking off to places beyond borders – leaving staycations as a serious option for vacationers amid Brexit travel concerns.

A recent survey commissioned by The Epicurean Club and executed by YouGov revealed that 41 percent of people would be more likely to consider a holiday in the UK post-Brexit, with only 19 percent claiming that Brexit wouldn’t affect their thoughts on travel.

The survey of 2,078 people showed that students, usually known for taking “gap years’ abroad,” were particularly worried about travel to the EU, with 69 percent voicing their concerns about European travel after October 2019.

The research also demonstrates that Gen Y and Gen Z are the most nervous about European travel, with over half of both generations claiming to be so.

The impact of Brexit, with associated fears of long queues and travel disruption, looks set to change the holiday habits of families too: 53 percent of parents with young children (aged 4 and under) said they were more likely to look to the UK for a holiday following our exit from the European Union.

For their close-to-home vacations, Brits are looking at the South West, as the region was voted the most desirable place for a staycation in England, taking 29 percent of the vote.