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Why You Should Drive for Business Instead of Fly

When travelling for business, you are often prompted with the decision over whether you should fly to your destination or drive there.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but we are coming down on the side of the car to bring you these reasons why you should drive instead of fly when travelling for business.

Less Than 5 Hours Away

Quite simply, if your destination is less than 5 hours away, you will probably reach it much faster if you drive instead of fly. When you factor in check-in times, security checks, and traffic around the airport, you have queued up a tremendous amount of time before you even take-off.

Instead, hop in your car and drive to your meeting instead. It will be much less stressful and a lot easier on you.


Likewise, if you drive then you can take your time and travel at your own speed. Request to take a couple of days for travel and business and you will have plenty of time to drive. 39% of U.S. business trips last 1-2 days, meaning even a 10 hour round trip will leave you plenty of time for your meetings and some rest and relaxation.


Is it better to overpack or underpack? When flying, you may not have a choice as you face cramming your suits and meagre allocation of toiletries into a carry-on bag. When driving you have much more room to spread out.

Hang up your suits and shirts so they don’t become crumpled and take the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet if you choose. As long as it fits into your car, you have room for it.

Combining Business and Pleasure

One of the best reasons to drive instead of fly is if you combine your business trip with a holiday. This can be particularly useful if you want to take your family with you as group airfares can quickly run up a big cost. You also would not have to manage your family in the hustle and bustle of an airport.

Why not take the car to your meetings in Silicon Valley then meet up with the family for some San Francisco sight-seeing when you are done? Having your own car allows you far more flexibility than public transport and taxis ever would. You can even travel further afield to destinations outside the city to see what they have to offer.

You Enjoy Driving

Quite simply, if you enjoy long drives on the interstates through some of the best scenery America has to offer then you will be much happier in your car than trapped in a metal tube in the sky. If you look at the website before taking off on your trip, you can even purchase some accessories to make your car comfier for those long-distance journeys.

There are many reasons to drive over fly for your business trips. Speak to your manager if you think you would like to try travelling this way for your next business trip.