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Coronavirus Precautions for Traveling During the Pandemic

While many businesses are on ice, here is some advice for employees who still have to travel

April 13, 2020

Most businesses, organizations and government agencies have postponed or cancelled events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, if you are part of the minority group still traveling for business or pleasure, here are some precautions to take from one whose living is made by the rules of the road.

Check-in Online

If you are traveling via airline or train, avoid using the self check-in kiosks where the screens could be contaminated. I recommend you use the online check-in option which will allow you to go straight thru security and avoid at least one line.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap as often as possible and when common sense dictates. Use paper towels to dry your hands when available.

Secure your personal items

When going thru security, place your personal items such as phone, keys, watch and belt in your carry-on instead of in a bin. Doing so will reduce the exposure of your belongings with the inspections bins and containers.

Wash your hands AGAIN

In my opinion, the airport security checkpoint is the most vulnerable location to get contaminated. Everyone must go thru it, they must remove personal items from their bodies, most people use and touch the bins. Hence, the contamination probability is at its highest level at that location. Therefore, once you’ve gone thru the security checkpoint, wash your hands again or at least use hand sanitizer.

Use Disinfecting Wipes

Carry a pack of disinfecting wipes and clean the areas you are coming in contact with. I recommend you use wipes to open doors, wipe the waiting area seat, airplane seat, seat armrest, folding table and most importantly the seat back pocket area.

Feeling sick?

If you are experiencing Coronavirus-like symptoms or have in contact with someone who has, call you physician for guidance. Do not go to the doctor’s office or the emergency room unless directed by your physician or it’s another non-related medical emergency . This will avoid spreading of the disease should you be infected.