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Conviasa Launches Flights from Caracas to Damascas

The all-economy A340 aircraft offers the fastest lift between the two capitals

January 6, 2020

Venezuela-based Conviasa Airlines is launching non-stop, flights from beleaguered Caracas, Venezuela to war-torn Syria starting in March. The new non-stop route will take between 12 and 15 hours, depending on the direction, and cost approximately $1,700. The cabin of the A340-200 plane is equipped only with economy class seats.

The route choice is not unusual for the airline. In 2007, the state-run airline from Venezuela began flying a route to Tehran via Damascus in partnership with Iran Air. That network, informally dubbed “Aeroterror” by some watchers, halted in 2010 and then resumed again from Iran via Mahan Air. The airline was banned and sanctioned by countries in the west for allegedly creating paths for nefarious operations condemned by the US and other countries.

For now, as the Conviasa kicks off the route in March, it is scheduled to run from March 2 to March 30 of this year: leaving Caracas on Mondays at 4 pm and arriving in Damascas at 3:40 am the next day. It then leaves Damascas on Wednesdays at 10:30 am and arrives in Caracas at 7:30 pm.

V07002 CCS1600 – 1030+1DAM 340 1

V07003 DAM1030 – 1930CCS 340 3