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Lufthansa Mandates Masks, Opens Middle Seats

Lufthansa has joined Jet Blue in mandating, not suggesting, the use of facial masks for the entire journey of their passengers.

April 28, 2020

Lufthansa will begin mandating facial masks for passengers for use while on board flights beginning Monday, May 4.

Like the recent announcement by Jet Blue, which was heralded by flight attendant unions, including the Association of Flight Attendants, AFA-CWA, facial masks on Lufthansa will not be a suggestion, but a requirement.

The airline is asking passengers to bring their own facial mouth/nose coverings.  The mandated use of face masks will be in place until August 31, 2020.

“Furthermore, and as a result of this new regulation, the middle seat that has thus far been left vacant in Economy and Premium Economy Class, will no longer remain a necessity, as the facial covering provides the necessary protection,” the airline posted in a release.  “Yet, currently, due to a decrease in flight demand, seats will be allocated as far apart as possible throughout the cabin.”

American, Delta and United have all been blocking out the middle seats so that passengers would not have the unfortunate option of sitting between two other flyers.

However, with Lufthansa lifting this requirement because of the mask mandate and with an increased desire on the public’s behalf to fly, it may be only a matter of time until passengers are again wedged in the middle seat no matter how close they may be to their fellow travelers.