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JetBlue Drops Most Change Fees

The permanent policy applies to most fares except Blue Basic, and there will be a fee for day-of-travel changes

February 22, 2021

JetBlue has announced that it is eliminated change fees for almost all fares, except Blue Basic, the basic economy ticket. There will also be a $75 fee for changes made on the day of travel beginning April 1.

In announcing the change, JetBlue becomes the last of the major US carriers to drop change fees, a move which was started by United, Delta and American in September.

The airline also announced that beginning July 20 all customers will be guaranteed overhead bin space except for Blue Basic ticket holders, who will not be allowed to use the overhead bins. If the carrier can’t make good on the promise, it will give travelers a $25 credit.

In a note to employees, Joanna Geraghty, JetBlue’s president, explained that currently features of the Blue and Blue Basic fares are very similar and there was a need to differentiate the two.

The $75 fee for day-of-travel changes applies to most fare classes, except for Blue Basic ticket holders, who will be charged a fee of $100 on most routes and $200 on South American flights.