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Icelandair and Flight Attendants Union Reach a Deal

Last minute agreement avoids the airline’s threat to fire all flight attendants replacing them with off-duty pilots to steward flights

July 20, 2020

Following last minute all-night negotiations, Icelandair announced Monday that a settlement had been reached between the airline and the Icelandic Cabin Crew Association (FFI). The deal avoids the airline’s move threatened over the weekend to fire all flight attendants and replace them with off-duty pilots, who would have had the job of boarding and deboarding flights.

Currently, during COVID-19 restrictions, the airline’s food and beverage service is suspended so the pilot/flight attendant subs would not have had to do more than get passengers on and off the planes.

Current Iceland travel restrictions exclude US travelers from entering the country. Travelers are allowed into Iceland from EU/EFTA countries, the UK and Canada. Travelers just choose between undergoing a COVID-19 test upon arrival or entering a two-week quarantine.

Travelers arriving from Denmark, Germany, Norway and Finland are not required to go into quarantine or be tested if they have stayed in these countries for 14 days or more before arrival in Iceland.