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DTW Rolls Out LAAD-V COVID-Killer Robots

The deployment of Large Area Autonomous Disinfecting Vehicles at Detroit Metropolitan is a first for the US

October 19, 2020

Pratt Miller Mobility’s is deploying its Large Area Autonomous Disinfecting Vehicle, or LAAD-V for short, in the McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. This is the first use of a connected, electric and autonomous robot for disinfecting protocols in the US, the company says.

The autonomous vehicle is a tool designed to disinfect large areas using a multi-head electrostatic sprayer that is capable of operating in a large area with complete surface coverage. The spray pattern ensures the surface is completely wrapped in an FDA-approved disinfectant which adheres to surfaces.

LAAD-V’s sensors and tracking capabilities allow the vehicle to safely navigate the airport without bumping into obstacles. This mobility and safety technology allows disinfecting operations to carry on without shutting down the facility.

The robot provides real-time coverage information via a web app showing how much of the target area has been properly disinfected and if a section couldn’t be, for example, due to misplaced equipment or a person occupying the space, allowing staff to respond accordingly.

Pratt Miller Mobility is a division of Pratt Miller, a product development company with roots in professional motorsports programs, which provides solutions for the defense and mobility industries. The company says it is working on more LAAD-V placements at other airports and large facilities.